Use of Mortars
Use of Mortars

In combat simulations, mortars play their traditional role of giving small infantry units additional firepower. They have the added capability to score points for their side.

Kill zone, infantry

A mortar round "kills" everyone within a radius of three paces (15 feet) of the spot where it lands. Running away from or picking up and throwing a mortar round before it explodes does not save anyone--mortar rounds are considered to detonate on impact.

Vehicle destruction zone

A vehicle is destroyed if a mortar round lands within 3 paces (15 feet) of it.

Ammo dump destruction

An ammo crate is destroyed if a mortar round hits it. Other crates within 3 paces of the struck crate are ruled destroyed by secondary explosion.

Negation by cover

The three-pace kill zone is negated for soldiers behind complete cover, i.e. trenches, bunkers and foxholes. A mortar round must hit inside such positions or in front of any firing slits to be effective.

Clearing minefields

Mortar fire can be used to clear minefields--see the section "How Mines, Minefields and Booby Traps Work."

Scoring points

Mortars can score points for their side by:

Destroying an enemy vehicle: 200 points
Destroying a crew served weapon: 50 points, plus enemy weapon is taken out of service for 15 minutes.
Killing an enemy sniper: 50 points
Killing an enemy officer: 40 points
Killing an enemy sapper/Pionier: 30 points
Destroying an enemy mine: 3 points

Points are scored only when the impact is observed by a referee.

 Limitations, Liabilities

A mortar may stay in use during the scenario as long as it has ammunition. It may be destroyed an unlimited number of times by enemy fire. When destroyed, it will be taken out of service for 15 minutes. Mortars that are destroyed on patrols (not in prepared positions) must be moved to another location before resuming fire after the 15 minute interval.

Destroying a mortar

A mortar is considered to be destroyed when its entire crew is killed. Mortar crews can be killed by:

  • Counter-battery fire (other mortars)
  • Snipers at ranges of up to 325 meters if the crew is in partially exposed positions, or at ranges of up to 600 meters if the crew is completely exposed in the open.
  • Grenades and rifle grenades
  • Machine gun and rifle fire, if the crew is in exposed or partially exposed position
  • Demolition charges thrown by Pioniers or sappers

Mortar crews should take measures to limit their exposure to direct fire or close combat.