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I want you! WWI Uncle Sam recruiting poster! Dougboys

The Americans! Arriving in late 1917, the "Doughboys" were a source of hope for the Allies! If you have ever wanted to be "Over There," this is the impression.

There are many groups that portray the Americans. As we go along, we find more and more groups who portray these men. If you know of an American reenacting unit website that is not listed here, pleaseadd your link!

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Our association (Living History Group), founded in 1987 by reenactors, collectors and amateur historians (from various countries). We portray the U.S. 1st Infantry Division, the famous BIG RED ONE from its creation until present day. We regularly take part in commemorative ceremonies in France as well as in other countries and, in this way, we perpetuate the memory of these soldiers.

Our association which is valued by the Veterans for its strict discipline and the seriousness of its interventions and appearances in public is member and sponsored by various Veterans' Associations of Units of the 1st Infantry Division and sustained by the Active Division in Germany.
The 107th Infantry (recreated) has been reenacting WWI for close to 20 years. In the last 3 years our unit has grown to over 20 members, most of whom are long time reenactors. The main focus of our unit is the two WWI reenactments sponsored by the Great War Association each year in April and November. Members of the unit also participate in parades, public displays and living history events throughout the year. There is a 107th contingent each year at the NYC Veteran's Day Parade.
109th Inf. 28th Div. L Co. AEF (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
-From its harrowing test of fire on the Marne River in July 1918 to the bitter fighting in the Argonne in October, the men of Pennsylvania?s Keystone Division took the best shots the German Army had, and returned it in spades.

"Black Jack" Pershing dubbed the 109th "Men of Iron" for their stand on the Marne, and the 28th his "Iron Division"

The living historians of Co. L 109th Infantry have undertaken to remember these brave men, and all the men of the AEF who went "Over There," 110,000 of which never came home.

The 109th, Co. L is one of the largest units in the Great War Association, numbering in excess of 40 infantrymen. The 109th currently provides the core of AEF leadership to the AEF company at Newville. Our membership includes men from Massachusetts to Florida and as far west as Ohio.
Link at GWA website -- no other website known.
116th Inf. 29th Div. AEF (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)

The reenacting unit we have put together attempts to recreate the impression of the 116th HQ TM section. We have constructed a replica of the 1916 British Stokes (modified so that it does not violate Federal weapons regulations). We wear authentic WWI uniforms and use period equipment to help bring back to life this important combat unit of 1917-1918.

As a complete unit we primarily participate in the bi-annual Great War event held at the GWA site near Newville Pennsylvania. The site consists of over 40 acres, honeycombed with authentic trenches, dugouts and WWI era obstacles. The object of the site is to recreate a small bit of the Western Front. The scenarios vary but it gives us a chance to slip back to those days of yore and experience the doughboy's life in the trenches of WWI. We hope you will take time to look at some of the photos below and see the lengths we go to in order to provide realism for our events.

These scenarios are quite realistic, particularly the night actions. Out in No man's Land, standing your post, listening for the slightest rustle in the wire, trying to pear through the dark of night for a German raiding party, flares and rockets going up spreading an eerie light over the field, an occasional fire fight breaking out up the line and the clack clack clack clack of machine guns. If it wasn't so damn much fun it would scare the Hell out of you.

We also participate in a variety of other events which range from parades to living history programs for the public. We regularly put on exhibits and programs for Veterans groups as well as the National Park Service in the Washington DC, Fredericksburg and Richmond VA area.
318th Inf, 80 Div. AEF (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
Nice lookin' website, no info about THEM, the reenacting unit... let's hope some info comes :-(
372nd Inf. 93rd Div. AEF (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
Link at the GWA website -- no other website.
Pershings' Doughboys U.S. Army WW1 Living History Group, a member group of the National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NAReS), is a small group of historical enthusiasts dedicated to the accurate portrayal of service men and women of the U.S. Army and associated civilian organisations, through first person living history events throughout the UK.

The vast majority of people in the UK, are unaware of the contribution made by U.S. forces, in support of the allies, during the latter part Great War.The arrival American Expeditionary Force was a turning point in the Great War. Whilst smaller in size in comparison to the vast armies of Great Britain and France, its fresh troops and shear weight of stores and equipment in no small way brought about the quicker end of hostilities. This fact is so often overlooked.

To this end, Pershings' Doughboys aim to raise public awareness bringing history to life presenting static living history and museum quality displays at sponsored events , ceremonies and parades around the country.

Members of the group have been collecting and studying the history and the artifacts for many years and therefore pride themselves on the accuracy of their presentations. A large percentage of the material on display is original, whilst some uniform and equipment is museum quality reproduction, protecting the original pieces from unnecessary wear and tear.

The group practices the foot, rifle and machine gun drills appropriate to the AEF for both the displays and ceremonial work for the American Battle Monuments Commission.

Members are actively encouraged to research all aspects of U.S. service in the Great War, both the uniformed and civilian services, such as the Salvation Army. In addition the group has made extensive research into the Punitive Expedition of 1916 in the heart of Mexico in pursuit of the infamous Pancho Villa.
45th Co, 3rd Bn, 5th Marine Regiment (USA -- Southern California -- GWHS)
We are group of WW1 living historians based in Southern California who portray US Marines during 1918 on the Western Front. We are members of the Great War Historical Society, which participates in several living history events, parades, and battle reenactments.
5th Marines 49th Co. (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
Link at GWA website -- no other website known. Still active???
5th Marines 67th Co. (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
NOT SURE IF STILL ACTIVE--UNIT WEBSITE POINTS TO SOME ONLINE GAME. Contact info from GWA website. The 67th Company / 5th U.S. Marines is a historically-correct group of living historians within the Great War Association who actively seek to portray and recreate a rifle company of the brigade of U.S. Marines which served with the American Expeditionary Force in France during World War I. We participate in two GWA national events per year near Chambersburg, PA, as well as various timelines, parades, and public education events in the eastern United States.
In World War I, the 69th was federalized and renumbered the 165th infantry and assigned to the be the first regiment of the new 42nd Division, comprised of regiments from across the US, thus earning the division the nickname: Rainbow. This living history unit attempts to portray the average soldier from the Fighting 69th. We are based out of New York, near the old Camp Mills site.

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