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Great War: ANZAC Reenacting Units

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This page has units portraying forces of the Australian and New Zealand Forces in WWI. The acronym ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, whose soldiers were known as Anzacs. The pride they took in that name endures to this day, and Anzac Day remains one of the most important national occasions of both Australia and New Zealand.

For a good history of the ANZACS please visit Trenches on the Web's Area for them.

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The 5th Battalion, AIF is a reenactment unit dedicated to preserving the history of Australia in the Great War (World War One). The unit is part of the Great War Association, an umbrella organization of World War I reenactors on the East Coast. The Association sponsors two national reenactments each year at the CPL Caesar Krauss Memorial Site near Newville, PA.
The Maleny Troop strives to keep alive the spirit of the Lighthorse by collecting equipment and memorabilia from around the country. Some of the equipment used by the troop is original while other pieces such as saddles and bridles are being handcrafted by members of the troop.

Members are Honary Troopers and as such display no rank, although troop movements are directed by an elected troop commander and troop sergeant.

Fundraising for the troops activities relies entirely on membership and donations from the private and business sectors of our local community. The troop receives no funding from the Defence Forces.
Integral part of Merriwa RSL Sub Branch, regulated by sub Branch guidelines. We support all Merriwa RSL Club remembrance activities and all of Merriwa?s events of social significance.
The charter for the troop is to fulfill such duties as mounted escort & ceremonial duties. Membership is open to riders and non riders, riders who wish to participate in ceremonial activities must be 16 years or older and meet riding and kit standards. All competent riders can participate in non ceremonial events. There are varied roles for non riders regardless of age including support roles at ceremonial events where dress standards are met.

Non ceremonial activities of the Light Horse include trekking, barrel racing, tent pegging and mounted troop training.

The Objectives of the Association are to preserve the uniforms, weapons and equipment of the regiments of the Light Horseman. Research, record and preserve the history of the regiments of the Light Horse, the traditions and customs. Support existing museums and other interested institutions. Make this information available to the public. Support mounted Memorial Light Horse Troops formed for the purpose of portraying the Light Horse Units of the past. Provide comradeship for the members of the association who find the esprit de corps of the Light Horse stimulating and rewarding.
12th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, ANZAC (USA -- Southern California -- GWHS)
The 12th Battalion, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, ANZAC is a Living history Organization based out of Southern California. We portray the Australian foot solider of World war One.
The Troop aims to be as historically correct in dress and drill as time and finances allow. The kit for the horses and troopers is not only expensive but difficult to obtain in the 1990's. Members at this stage are required to fund their own outfits and supply a suitable mount. External funding at present is non-existent. The Troop takes part in trail rides, sporting events and in particular ANZAC Day Parades. They also train in tent pegging, Sabre Drill and Barrel Racing. Some members also train in the discipline of Dressage.
'K' Troop, (NSWL) was raised in 1891 at Parramatta. The Regiment's troops fought mounted in the Boer War, mounted as 'Light Horsemen' in WWI and mounted in 'Matilda' Tanks in WWII. 'K' Troop was voluntarily re-raised in 1987 as a Ceremonial Mounted Troop, its members all serve in either the Australian Army, Navy or Air Force and voluntarily perform riding duties in addition to their normal duties. The Troop is administered by the 'K' Troop Association Incorporated, and is a registered charity in NSW. 'K' Troop is currently looking for recruits from the ADF. The Troop keeps its horses at Penrith, NSW and its uniforms, weapons and accouterments are those of the NSW Cavalry during the 1890's and also those of the 1st Light Horse Regiment AIF during WWI.
This Troop consists of two re enactment Troops , 1 Troop is drawn from the Tabulam,Tenterfield and Fairfield areas and 2 troop is drawn from the Cullendore and Acacia Creek Area of New South Wales. The Tenterfield Light Horse Troop is a descendant of the Tenterfield Detachment of the Upper Clarence Light Horse formed on the 1-10-1885.
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