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Great War, Canadian Reenacting Units

There are a goodly number of units portraying our friends from up North. These men are serious historians and I think you will find them to be great comrades.

If you know of a website for a Great War reenacting unit not listed here, please contact me and we'll get it going.

The Black Watch RHR of Canada Living History Association is dedicated to preserving the heritage of this proud regiment and sharing our knowledge with the public. We endeavor to preserve this heritage through by the common Canadian soldier through educational programs for the public, the schools and other historical enthusiast. We are based in the Northeast corner of the States, but we have members as far away as California. Please take some time to learn a little more about us.

Membership in the Black Watch Association is open to any physically fit individual that is willing to correctly maintain an impression that is a sincere reflection of a Canadian soldier from either Worls War. This impression must meet the standards of the Association so that the members and the public will see this portion of history portrayed in the correct manner. All members must remain in good standing by participation in our activities and events; paying dues and other obligations; and striving to maintain the proper impression that will best enhance the group.  Our basic impression for all members is an infantrymen, but for certain scenarios and events, we ask members to portray other roles common to the World War I or World War II Canadian soldier.
13th Battalion Black Watch Royal Highlanders of Canada (USA) --a living history group portraying The 13th Battalion Royal Highlanders of Canada during World War I. The unit is part of the Great War Historical Society, based in Southern California. The purpose of the group is to re-create, as much as possible, the conditions faced by soldiers during the First World War. The club holds public displays, provides living history lessons for schools, battle reenactments, and other educational venues. In addition to these public outings, the club holds two private events per year. It is the purpose of this organization to provide the public and club members with an environment to learn and experience the events and realities of WW I through non-traditional means. The History Channel is great and publications on the war are a wealth of information, but once you put on 60 pounds of equipment, stand knee deep in muck, and enjoy cold bully beef out of the tin on a damp chilly morning, the pictures on TV and the text from a book don't carry the weight they used to.
27th Battalion CEF (USA) --
The Black Watch (USA) --
Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (Canada/USA) -- The PPCLI Living History Unit is one of a few projects in the Canadian Military Heritage Society (CMHS).The members are dedicated Historians / Antiquarians who study all aspects of Canadian military history and re-enact several time periods of interest
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