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Great War Russian Reenacting Units

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Russia... the soldiers, the soldiers on the Western Front having been, for the most part, forgotten by historians. These brave men are being honored by a few units now--doing their best to recreate the Russian Army as it SHOULD be remembered.

If you know of a website for a Great War reenacting unit not listed here, please contact me and we'll get it going.

La Legion Russe (USA)--The Russian Legion (RL), is a re-enactment unit which accurately portrays a machine gun company of the 1st Battalion of La Legion Russe in France in 1918. The 1st Battalion, as the whole of the RL, was comprised of troops that stayed loyal to their commanders during the 1917 mutinies at camp La Courtine. The 1st Battalion, under command of Colonel Gotua, distinguished itself in fighting in Champaigne from its creation on December 12, 1917, untill the Armistice Day, November 11, 1918.

The Russian Legion (RL) is dedicated to the memory of the Russian soldiers and officers that fought and died in World War I. The RL strives to bring to life not only the equipment and weapons used by the Russian troops, but also the language, culture, music and food ? in all, to recreate the environment of the Russian trenches on the Western Front.

Eastern Front Association (UK)* (Also does German impression)--

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