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WWI German Units

Originally comprised of old Civil War Confederate reenactors, guys who lived to be the "underdogs," the Central Powers forces in WWI reenacting have grown to become a force to be reckoned with. The men who portray the soldiers of Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire are serious in both their impressions and their attitudes.

Here, you'll find an ever-expanding worldwide list of Imperial German reenactor websites. If you know of a website for a Great War German reenacting unit not listed here, please add the link or let us know about it. IF you find a link that doesn't work, by all means, PLEASE let us know--people change servers ALL the time and often simply change around their website structure, making links not work. Thanks, Marsh

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First Kompagnie of the Imperial German Infantry Regiment,  "von Winterfeldt" Nr. 23 (2. Oberschlesiches). A Living History as well as reenactment unit that stresses Kameradschaft and doing it right. No screaming, no yelling, just the German Army. The J.R. 23 participates in events on the East Coast. Hoch den Kaiser!!
Königlich Bayerische Leib Regiment (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
Another "old-line" GWA unit, the "Leib Regiment" portrays one of the Bavarian elite units. A founding member unit of the GWA, the Leib Rgt. is one of the bedrocks of the hobby.
The 2nd Chevauleger Regiment is a living history organization dedicated to  preserving the heritage of the German cavalry soldier during the First World War and the years leading up to it. In particular, we portray the 3rd Eskadron (which is roughly equivalent to a company) of the regiment and through a variety of activities such as battle reenactments, historic display events, horseshows, veteran's commemoratives, and various other historically-themed social events, we are attempting to preserve the heritage of not only the German cavalry, but also the heritage of the horse. We are located in Southern California and as a member unit in the Great War Historical Society (GWHS), participate in two major battle reenactment events a year: one in late March and the other in early November. We also participate with the GWHS in various other living history, historical, and cultural events  on a periodic basis.

The 2nd Chevauleger offers something for everyone: the reenactor, the equine enthusiast, the militaria collector, the historic costume enthusiast, and anyone interested in bringing history alive. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@2Chevauleger.org
Our association maintains the traditions of the formerly royal Bavarian 4. Chevauleger-Regiment, which was formed at the 1.September 1744 of Churfuerst Karl Theodor as a rider regiment count Elliot.

Representatives of the association are the university-formed comrades, who keep a piece Bavarian history alive in the historical uniforms around 1900 with most diverse causes, like historical fixed courses, Fahnenweihen or receipts.
5. Sturm-Pionier (Rohr) Bataillon (USA -- New England, NY, NJ, Penna--GWA)
Original unit of the Great War Association which portrays the famous unit known as the "test-bed" of the Stoßtruppen. This unit is out of the Northeast, with many members in the New England, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania area.
The German language site of the association of the Imperial German Hussar Regiment Number 7.

Musician Corps of the 7. Hussars. Does many events and historical functions.
The recreated 8th Kürassier Regiment was founded to bring a fresh appraisal of the Imperial German Army.

By researching and then attempting to live as they did, we hope to gain insight into their war experience and share that knowledge with others.

Above anything else, the 8. Kürassier is a social organization which serves its members by providing a means of sharing their common interest in the Great War era through research, discussion and living history interpretation.  Each member is recognized as being unique and possessing individual skills and talents.  These personal contributions are what make an organization strong and are always appreciated.
One of the original founding units of the GWA, the 20.MGSS has been around a long time and so has a good impression built-in. They have numerous original machine guns and an OUTSTANDING trench section at the GWA's Newville site.
We portray Musketiers of his Imperial Majesty Kaiser Wilhelm II, covering the period 1908 through to the fall of the second Reich in 1918.

We cover all aspects of interest in the period: Marches in full equipment, gas attacks, trench raids, parades, garrison life and static public displays. Something for everyone. Women are welcomed too, portraying rear line nursing and the "Home front".

Our aim is for every musketier to have as close an experience to the period, short of actually being shot at!

We encourage all musketiers to have a good working knowledge of German, through singing, military instruction and commands.

We are based throughout the UK and are currently recruiting across continental Europe. The events that we attend are in Germany, France, Belgium, UK and USA, conducting regular training and field exercises. The first uniform is that of the ‘Auf Marsch’ August 1914 and from this other impression can follow. We also regularly portray the peacetime army in 'Dunkelblau'. And finally, we are friendly, disciplined and welcome new Kameraden!
J.R. 63 is an Imperial German unit, it participates in living history events as well as reenactments. J.R. 63 is an authentic unit that does things right!

Our goal is to learn history by experiencing as much of it as we can, in a safe and supportive environment. We do this, not only by accurately recreating the appearance of the typical infantryman, but also through researching and demonstrating his daily life, duties, and occasional pastimes as he experienced them at and near the Front.

Infanterie-Regiment 63 may be seen by the public at special events around the country. But membership in the organization is best appreciated at the privately owned Great War Association battlefield located near Newville, Pennsylvania. On this 80-acre site, we have recreated as closely as possible a Western Front battlefield, complete with trenches, barbed wire, shell holes, bunkers and machine gun nests.
Our members reside in the upper-Midwest of the USA from the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Wisconsin and Iowa. We are an authentically-minded group of WW1 enthusiasts who portray the common German Landser in 1918.

The members of IR 75 strive to create the most authentic WW1 experience possible. Our uniform and equipment standards are high. We are doing a late 1918 impression the use of late-war and ersatz items is encouraged.
F.R. 90 is a World War One Reenactment and Living History Group that allows collectors and historical interpreters to come together and explore the "Art of Trench Warfare." We have become one of the newest Central Powers unit to join the ranks of the Great War Association" which is more commonly known as the GWA. The GWA strives to honor all the original participants of the First World War through battle reenactments and educational activities. The GWA is an umbrella organization for several hundred WW1 historical interpreters that come together and participate in one of the 20th Century's most horrible conflicts. We participate in re-enactments at the Caesar Krauss Great War Memorial Site near Newville, Pennsylvania.
J.R. 92 is a reenactment group formed to study the First World War, with major emphasis on the activities of the German Imperial Infantry Regiment from Brunswick, Germany, and to share the knowledge obtained with others through living history presentations, reenactments, and general meetings.
Company Overview
WWI Imperial German Living History and Re-enacting. Member of the Great War Association.

The Re-created RJR 236
Was formed in 2007 to represent a unit of German Reserve Infantry soldiers of World War I. The re-created RJR 236 was voted in as a GWA member unit in April 2013.

Our members are concentrated in Virginia and Pennsylvania with some in Maryland and Connecticut. We seek to recreate the life of the German soldier at war in the trenches and at rest in the camp/quarters enjoying period foods and beverages, and camaraderie. We seek to attain a high degree of authenticity in our impressions and material culture by careful research and attention to detail. We have over 200 photographs of the original 5. Komp. RJR 236 to assist with our research.

At events at the GWA site in Newville, we have some troops functioning as a machine gun detachment, others on line in the trenches, and sometimes manning a 75mm Krupp artillery piece. As our unit grows we expect to bring other crew served weapons on line.
General information
Members age over 18 years, and reside in Eastern United States. Anyone interested in participating with us please do email us.
8./I.R. 459 (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
I.R. 459 is a relatively a new unit in the GWA, but many of our members have been reenacting the Great War and other time periods for many years. We bring the attention to detail and most important the fun back into reenacting. At the same time we try to do it "right" and instill others to do same!"
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (USA -- MidLant -- GWA)
A historical reenacting unit portraying the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) or DRK for short. We are part of the Great War Association and do our part to help the troops.
We are a community of people interested in keeping historical events alive in the common conscience, in an honest and urging sense, and to work for the understanding between peoples. That includes:

  • Lectures on historical topics

  • Battlefield excursions

  • Exhibitions and collections

  • Scale Diorama crafting

  • Living history

  • International contacts

  • Representation at events

  • Taking part in movie sets

IG Alte Armee (Germany)
We are an organization of groups (and individuals) whose members are interested in military history, in particular, the European military social and culture history during the First World War of 1914-1918. for many, it was their own family history, which led to our hobby. A grandfather or great-grandfather who was in the Great War... a need to know as exactly as possible was it was like at that time... How did the simple soldiers really live, what were their concerns, emergencies and fears? How was it like "in the field"? In the sense of a detail-faithful representation, we want to give an idea of the history of this era. In addition, we give school demonstrations and sometimes even work in television documentaries and film to a broad public who are often uneducated about this time period.

As authentically as possible, we represent soldiers of "the Old Army" *, i.e. the German army before 1919. For this, we use original weapons and items of equipment from the time, as well as historically correct reproductions. The interest in living history is great and in all of Europe we have found others who share in our interests equally, thus gaining many new friendships.

Among our past high points, the historical weekend in Verdun in April 2003, can surely be considered a great event... at this event, established a peace camp with other European groups at the historical battlefield of Verdun. The German, English, Italian, Slovenian and French historical reenactors, all in historical uniforms were officially honored by the city of Verdun, for their commitment to remembering and honoring the history of the Battle of Verdun.

In February 2006, we participated in the ceremonies commemorating the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Verdun,  again in this historically filled area. Our participation in these ceremonies was noted in extraordinarily positive way in the French press. These kinds of events are what we do in our quest to learn about the Great War and to honor all participants in this terrible war.

(German language--use to translate)
Nice site -- lots of pix and info from this club based in the Fatherland! If I lived in Germany, I'd certainly want to join these guys. Hell, the Kaiserman?ver event is an awesome idea!!
Site of the association of former Imperial German colonial troops. Has a lot of info on the former German Colonies in Afrika.

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