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Italian Reenacting Units

1uiditalian_sold1Italy, child of Rome. Man, are these guys motivated!! Hope to see more of this... Anyway. look for us to list as many of these units as we can. I know they're out there!

The Italian Royal Army's first real taste of modern warfare was during World War I. Most of the actions were fought in northern Italy and the Royal Army suffered millions of casualties. This included over 700,000 dead. The frequency of offensives for which the Italian soldiers partook between May 1915 and August 1917, one every three months, was higher than demanded by the armies on the Western Front. Italian discipline was also harsher, with punishments for infractions of duty of a severity not known in the German, French, and British armies.

If you know of a website for a Great War Italian reenacting unit not listed here, please contact us and we'll get it listed.

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(Also does Austrian and German impressions)--In our little group you can find all type of persons, from the militaria collector to the simple enthusiastic; we think that what we do is a nice way to stay together and a good way to show history to people. In Italy, reenacting is a very new activity and Italians seem to like it very much--they look at these events with curiosity and interest and they're always full of questions. Of course this positive situation helps us to grow.

What we reenact are Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers of different corps and units, this is because the most of the uniforms and equipments we wear are original items--it's already good luck to find an original uniform of your own size but find it with the collar patches or other badges you desire is really asking to much to the fortune!!!!! And absolutely we'll never strip off originals to put on fakes!!!! Now, some of our group, with the experienced hands of mothers or girlfriends, have started to recreate uniforms of their size and, in this case, of the unit they prefer.

As we are a newly born group the first time we faced the public was in July 1998 for the opening ceremony of the WWI Open-air-Museum at Mount Lagazuoi--Martini Hedge, for this occasion we had the full help of the museum's staff and Italian & German army mountain troops, that helped us to recreate a sandbag position and wooden barracks, we also had a 75 mm Italian cannon and two machine guns. The public was surprised, they didn't expect a thing like that, from 10.00 a.m. to 04.00 p.m. we've been "assaulted" several times by thousand of persons asking all kind of things: where...! what...! how...! Etc.etc.. At the end of the day we decided that it had been a glorious day and planned to repeat the experience; so this year, after being on another mountain in 1999 with the same success, we'll be again on the Dolomiti Alps, surrounded by a spectacular nature.
Are you interested in being a Soldato in the Armata Italiano during The Great War, especially as part of the Western Front in 1918, the Brigata Brescia 19? e 20? Reggimento Fanteria which was part of the 2? Corpo d' Armata Italiano that fought in France from April to November of 1918 which held it's ground and helped defeat the Germans during the 2nd Battle of the Marne near Reims, France at the Battaglia di Reims (15 - 24 Luglio 1918) is now recruiting members to make a presence on both the East and West coasts Great War reenacting communities the GWA, GWHS and MGWLHA.
Looking for an unique Great War unit with high  authenticity standards. We are now forming an Italiian Arditi unit for participation at the GWA site in Newville, Pa. The Arditi were the first storm troops and were known for their daring and fierceness. Check out our website for more info.

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