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Author Topic: Sell American Civil War books and prints  (Read 5390 times)

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Sell American Civil War books and prints
« on: March 29, 2010, 08:44:37 AM »
This are mostly books over Confederate and Union Navy. All books are in good or very good condition. Prices are new prices in Euro.
Make a bid. (more books = rabatt).
For mer information or foto send PM.

1. Civil War Chronikels, Naval Warfare, Courage and bombat on the Water, fra John C. Wideman, 15,-- Euro

2. Brassey`s History of Uniforms American Civil War, Confederate Army fra Ron Field 26,-- Euro

3. Living history Documents for US and CS reenactors, 10,- Euro

4. Lincoln`s Navy, The ships, men and organisation 1861 ? 65 fra Donald L. Canney, Naval Institute Press, 86,-?

5. Conways, All the world`s fighting ships 1860 ? 1905, 60,- ?

6. The confederate Navy, A pictorial History, Philip van Dorn Stern, Da Capo Press, 14,-?

7. The Civil War Reenactors Encyclopedia, William C. Davis, Salamander. 44,-?

8. Civil War Reenactment, Hagan & Hagan, 24,-?

9. Civil War small Arms of the US Navy and Marine Corps fra John D. McAulay, 30,-?

10. CSS Alabama, Anatomy of a Confederate Raider, Andrew Bowcock, Chatham Publishing, 57,-?

11. Confederate Tropps of the American Civil War, Honathan Sutherland, Europa Militaria, 25,-?

12. The Costal War, Time Life, 33,-?

13. The Blockade, Time Life, 33,-?

14. The Confederate Navy, the Ships, Men and Organisation 1861 ? 65, edited by William N. Still, 86,-?
15. Warrior to Dreadnought, Warship development 1860 ? 1905, Dk Brown, 24,-?

16. The Soldiers Story, The American Civil War, Hans Halberstadt, Brassey`s, 35,-?

17. The Big Guns, Civil War, Siege, Seacost and Naval Cannon by Edwin Olmstead from Museum Restoration Service, 65,-?

18. Black Southerners in Confederate Armies, a collection of historical accounts, Southern Lion books, 12,-?

19. American Military and Naval Belts 1812 ? 1902 by R. Stephen Dorsey, collectors Library Eugene, OR, 47,-?

20. Rebels & Yankees, Naval Battels of the Civil War, Chester G. Hearn, Salamander Book, 43,-?

21. Rebels & Yankees, the Commanders of the Civil War, William C. Davis, Salamander Book, 43,-?

22. Civil War Cookbook, a unique collection of traditional recipes and anecdotes from the Civil War period, William C. Davis, 24,-?

23. Civil War collector`s Encyclopedia, Francis A. Lord, Arms, Uniforms and Equipment of the Union and Confederacy, 31,-?

24. Don Troiani`s Regiments & Uniforms of the Civil War, Stakpole books, 54,-?

25. Gray Thunder, Exploits of the Confederate States Navy, R. Thomas Campbell, 15,-?

26. Southern Thunder, Exploits of the Confederate States Navy, R. Thomas Campbell, 15,-?

27. Southern Fire, Exploits of the Confederate States Navy, R. Thomas Campbell, 15,-?

28. The Confederate States Marine Corps, White Man Publishing company, 20,-?

29. Capital Navy, The Men Ships and Operations of the James River Squadron, John M. Coski, 23,-?

30. Infernal Machines, The story of Confederate Submarine and Mine Warfare, Milton F. Perry, Lousiana State University Press, 12,-?

31. Navy Gray, Engineering the Confederate Navy on the Chattahoochee andApalachicola Rivers, Maxine Turner, Mercer University Press, 17,-?

32. Us Naval Hard guns 1808 ? 1911 by Frederik Winter, 20,-?

33. Reliving the Civil War, A reenactors Handbook, 2nd. Edition, R. Lee Hadden, Stakpole Books, 15,-?

34. The Civil War History Series, USS Constellation, An Illustrated History, Stephen R. Bockmiller and Lawrence J. Bopp, tempus Publishing, 16,-?

35. Men-at-arms Nr. 179, American Civil War Armies 3, Specialist Troops, 15,-?

36. Men-at-arms Elite Nr 112, American Civil War Marines 1861 ? 65, 18,-?

37. Osprey New Vanguard, Nr. 64 Confederate Raider 1861 ? 65, 15,-?

38. Osprey New Vanguard Nr 103, Confederate Subarines and Torpedo Vessels 1861 ? 65 , 15,-?

39. Osprey New Vanguard Nr. 41, Confederate Ironclad 1861 ? 65, 15,-?

40. Osprey New Vanguard Nr. 92, Confederate Blockade Runner 1861- 65, 15,-?

41. Osprey New Vanguard Nr. 49, Missisippi River Gunboats of the American Civil War 1861 ? 65, 15,-?

42. Osprey Warior, Confederate Artilleryman 1861 ? 65, 18,-?

43. The Civil War Battlefield Guide, 2nd. Edition, The Conservation Fund, 36,-?

44. Canon Manual, US Navy Artillery, 12 pdr. Dahlgren Light Boat Howitzer on an Iron Field Carriage, 1850 ? 1885, 9,-?

45. Fregatten Jylland Verlag Devantier, fra orlogsv?rft til museumsdok, 20,-?

46. High Seas Confederate, The Life and Times of the John Newland Maffit, 35,-?

47. Confederate Military History Vol.XVII, Navy, 23,-?

48. Raphael Semmes The Philosophical Mariner, The University of Alabama Press, 28,-?

49. Confederate Admiral, The Life and Wars of Franklin Buchanan, Chraig L. Symonds, Naval Institute Press, 24,-?

50. John Taylor Wood, Sea Ghost of the Confederacy, The University of Georgia Press, 23,-?

51. Lifeline of the Confederacy, Blockade Running During the Civil War, University of South Carolina Press, 23,-?

52. Grey Raiders of the Sea, How Eight Confederate Warships Destroyed the Union`s High Seas Commerce, Lousiana State University Press, 18,-?

53. Naval Edged Weapons in the Age of Fighting Sail, 1775 ? 1865 Sarah C. Wolfe, Chatham Publishing Stackpole Books, 32,-?

54. North South Naval Images by W. R. Bill Atteridge, Arcadia-Craft, 10,-?

55. The handbook of practical cutting on the Centre Point System (1866) by Lois Devre, 12,-?

56. Victorian and Edward Fashion, A Photographic Survey with 235 Illustrations, by Alison Gernsheim, 5,-?

57. Civil War Ladies: Fashions and Needle-Arts of the Early 1860?s, Primary Source Material from Peterson?s magazine 1861 ? 1864, published by R. L. Shep, Mendocino, CA, 20,-?

58. Fuer die Freiheit sterben, Die Geschichte des amerikanischen Buergerkrieges von James M. McPherson, Listverlag, 25,-?

59. Deutsche im amerikanischen Buergerkrieg, Briefe von Front und Farm 1861 ? 1865, von Wolfgang Helbich/Walter D. Kamphoefner (Hrsg), Schoeningh, 30,-?

60. Der amerikanische Buergerkrieg, Eine Chronik in Bildern Tag fuer Tag von Bernd G. Laengin, Bechtermuenz Verlag, 15,-?

61. Visier Special, Schiessen mit Western-Waffen, 9,-?

62. Die Marine von R. Brommy/H. v. Littrow, Reprint Verlag Leipzig, 20,-?

63. Der Amerikanische Buergerkrieg, Soldaten, Generaele, Schlachten, von William C. Davis, Bechtermuenzverlag, 15,-?

64. Krieg unter Segeln, Europas Maechte im Kampf um die Meere, von Hans Joachim Alpers, area, 20,-?

65. Print: Kirchner?s Map of the Confederacy Imperial, Signed and numbered Print, paper size 25 x 31 ? , limited edition of 5000 hand signed, 80,-?

66. Print: Robert E. Lee, The original of this color painting by Theodore Pine ? probably the best known portrait of the general hangs in Lee?s chapel on the campus of Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virgina. This stunning print is reproduced in full color on heavy paper with an offwhite border. Print is 13? in size. 15,-?

67. Print: Lt. General Nathan Bedford Forrest CSA, This print is 8? x 10? in full color. Unframed., 18,-?Edelweiss