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Books; most reenactors have a lot of them. I know I have a ton of them. Something to help my impressions or even just salve one's soul. Reading is something I have always enjoyed. Through reading, the past comes alive... the act of reading Julius Caesar's actual words is somehow almost magical. To try and learn how they might have thought, how they did things — could we live that way? From any given time period you can learn how they lived, what they ate, what they wore etc. What did men and women wear to formal occasions? How about in everyday life? What about soldier's lives? The answers to so many questions are available in this literature, all you need to do is look. Reading helps set the stage. Without reading and books, we'd sure have a hard time doing research. Reading, makes the past come alive.

The Perfect Bookstore

At one time, I thought I wanted a to own a bookstore... I remember the perfect one, it was in Northern Virginia... I forget the name now, it was so long ago, but it was great. He had big comfy chairs and a LOT of really cool books that you could just read. Even (gasp) smoke a cigar and read. It was almost like heaven for a history buff or reenactor. A sad day when the owner, an old WWII vet, retired and closed up shop:-( Anyway, with Amazon, as an Amazon Associate, I can help you find books. Do I make a lot? No, not really, but I get a small cut that goes to helping keep reenactor.Net going a little.

This new bookstore is heads above the old method and allows me to stay on top of things. We all know how hard some sites are to find things. In this case, all the book listings will be more or less in one place and then the links in the Time/Areas will link here..., the place we partner with to sell books makes a lot of changes, all the time. We work to keep up with them and try to make it better for you!

How does it work, asketh you? Just use the links to the left, to go to the different time area book store hubs.

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Not right now... :-0 Later we'll try again... I'd like to and perhaps we can hook up with Osprey again to have some more contests... they like history

Featured Books

Featured stuff right now are (because that's all I've done and yes, I'm a lazy git) are the WWII German Heer (as in German Army) and Waffen-SS "BookPacks." More will follow and hopefully, I'll get this working right... (Hey, at least I got the links fixed and you can now find the stuff) :-Þ

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