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For the WW2 reenactor, there are MANY good books available on the 'Net. We have broken them down into topics as otherwise, this page would be intolerably long--actually, the pages still might be quite long, as there are a LOT of good books out there! Since I mostly reenact German, I admit that there is a bias in the books here, but I am working to change that, so bear with us and as time goes on, we will get more here. You can help by telling us what books we are missing.

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Right here on this page though, are some books on the different nations as a people, some of their customs and language slang--this will help you to get a handle on them!

Author: David Hustler

Have you ever been obsessed in war history, particularly about World War II? You have seen reenactments of that significant moment in our time that you are thinking of participating in such an endeavor. However, you don't know how to start.

Fret no more. David Hustler, a veteran of many reenactments of historical battle events, is giving you the head start by imparting tips of the ins and outs of perfecting your own impression of a soldier of the Second World War. He will guide you from buying the proper uniforms and equipments to joining your own group or units, and from the right way of caring for your costume and implements to maintaining a good attitude in the field. Avoid being called a farb on your first day as a reenactor. Follow the expert.


Author: Scott Lee Thompson

This book takes the reader through a full-color look at reenactment of the German military of WWII. Dedicated reenactors have gone to amazing lengths to recreate the Wehrmacht in action. Original tanks and half tracks take to the field once more, alongside uniformed German soldiers. Everything from tanks to machine guns to can openers and cooking utensils is put to use to recreate not only authentic battles but also the more mundane aspects of wartime life, such as vehicle and weapons maintenance, sleeping, cooking, and trying to survive. The author has selected photos from WWII reenactments around the world, where reenectors have spent enormous amounts of time and money. Panzers thunder through the fields once more, planes of the Luftwaffe strike from the sky, and the German fighting men and women once more are thrown into an amazing array of scenarios.

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