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Author: Chuck Veit and Roger Kuchera

The popular 4th edition Handbook from the U.S. Naval Landing Party, an American Civil War living history crew--full of historical and practical information for portraying sailors and marines of the War of the Rebellion.

Author: Thomas A. Daniel

In this powerful collection of over one hundred images and testimonies, award-winning photographer Thomas Daniel has documented the world of Civil War reenactors—men, women and children who recreate and relive one of the most turbulent and tragic periods in American history. These images capture the reenactors' genuine passion to educate, to celebrate and honor the past, and in some cases, to trace their own ancestry. They capture the fanatical devotion of some to the southern cause, and what it means to be a son or daughter of the South. Their stories also allow us to more fully understand the complexities of this remarkable group and its often misunderstood and controversial flag.

This is a journey to a world few of us know, where the battles of Antietam, Gettysburg, and Harper's Ferry still live, where confederate and union soldiers skirmish, and reenactors labor to duplicate historical truth down to the smallest recorded detail. Their dedication to honest and genuine portrayal is clearly evident in these photographs, in their stories, and in their willingness to bear the discomforts of cold, rain and mud to live the truth of those who died on the battlefields.
Over recent years, Daniel has traveled the South to interview and photograph this society of reenactors--northerners, southerners, Native Americans, and African Americans who share their own individual motives for creating this living history. As Daniel himself writes in the introduction, this book is not to recreate the battles, the reasons for the war, or to argue who won or lost, but to capture all the myriad reasons why men and women dress and live the part of confederate and union soldiers. Their reasons are as candid and diverse as the men and women who live the life of reenactors. The photographs that appear in this volume, however, are the most memorable. They alone tell revealing, unforgettable stories.

Author: Richard N. Pawling

This book is an indispensable guide to the often misunderstood field of living history. It presents the actuality that there is a great deal more involved in this discipline than merely “wearing old clothes and going back to the past.” This volume succinctly captures the perspectives that Richard Pawling has gained from over thirty-five years of experience in the interpretive profession (in county, state and national parks and as entrepreneur and owner of Rich Pawling’s History Alive!). Here, Pawling shares his observations and advice about everything from designing a living history persona to his successful use of this provocative teaching technique in the college classroom, to the role of research in helping you to learn about your own genealogical past. Though written for a broad audience, this book should be of particular interest to those employed as an interpretive park ranger or a naturalist, a museum or tour guide, or those who volunteer as a military reenactor or as a docent at a park, museum or historic site. Old Clothes presents the important lessons Pawling has learned along the way, the most important of which is that “life is a journey and understanding our past plays an important role in helping us to continue to learn not only about life in general, but more importantly, about ourselves.”

Author: Mary L. Jackson Fears

Love history? Why not live it? Reenacting history is more than just an exciting pastime; it is a powerful educational medium that breathes life into our heritage. This guide will inspire African-Americans to attend Civil War battle reenactments and join in the living history experience as reenactors representing either military roles or civilians in non-combat roles. Discussions include the basic requirements of this hobby and the rationale for participating, but reenacting as a means of celebrating the heroic deeds of black people during the Civil War is the primary focus of the text. Brief biographical sketches of such notable figures as Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, a description of plantation life with quotes from slave narratives and Civil War documents, occupations of slaves and "free people of color," interviews with reenactors, numerous illustrations of appropriate wearing apparel, and much more will delight "living historians," who must be knowledgeable about the life experience of slaves and free persons. An extensive annotated bibliography of reference sources is a bonus for both for Civil War reenactors and for school library collections.

Author: Wm. J. Watson

"Seize the Day!" is the distillation of the best available practices now deployed by the cutting-edge cadre of reenactors. They create a stream of magic "We were there" moments by creating organizations and weekend events focused on actually living the life of Civil War soldiers and civilians. The chapters draw heavily on Augustus Kautz's "Customs of Service," written during the war for exactly the same reason: To let soldiers know what was expected of them. Watson brings 38 years of experience as a journalist to bear on the topic of "operational" Civil War events.

Author: William J Watson

So you think you want to try out this Civil War reenacting thing? Great! Let’s see if we can’t help you get started in a really good way. Those of us involved are universally enthusiastic about it.
Those folks you saw at the parade or the museum or the battlefield look pretty interesting in their old timey clothes, whether military or civilian. Some of that stuff looks pretty elaborate. And how do they find the time to learn the drill and the craft of camping using Civil War equipment and technology?

Hey, guess what? We use manuals written for the soldiers of the Civil War for the military stuff. They’ve been called “drill manuals written by geniuses for use by idiots,” which is us for sure. But that’s just the beginning. The drill and the camps are all out in the open. But what you see is like an iceberg – 90percent of it is below the surface. And if you can’t see it, you can’t know whether it matters. It does. That’s why we wrote this book. (“We.” My name is on it. I had lots of help from other folks who want to see all the people whose interest in this period of time is renewed by the 150th anniversary of the events get involved in a useful, intelligent and enjoyable way.)

Author: Juanita Leisch

This book is a great start in understanding what civilian's life was like during the war. It is also a good place to start if you're going to do reenactment. It's an excellent overview of civilian customs, fashions, etiquette, and the mindset of the times along with being a great resource for the new civil war enthusiast or civilian reenactor. It has fun interesting facts and great photos. This is a great overview of a neglected area of study and if you are thinking of getting into CW civilian reenacting, this is the FIRST book you should buy, as it will familiarize you with the overall cultural and social framework of the era, thereby helping you get your individual interpretation / impression right.

Author: Robert Lee Hadden

Updated information on sutlers and organizations. New index with subject headings for easy reference
As Civil War reenacting continues to grow, beginners and enthusiasts need an up-to-date source and guidebook that will keep pace with advances and changes in the hobby. This second edition of the highly successful Reliving the Civil War improves on the firstwith new information on civilian reenacting (especially concerning women and children), a revised bibliography, and updated addresses of sutlers, organizations, and magazines. Also included are expanded discussions regarding virtual regiments, hard-core authenticity, and women in the ranks.

Author: William C. Davis

Truly awesome in scope and depth, The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia contains an unparalleled wealth of information, covering not only all major battles of the war, but also the uniforms of all major unites - both Union and Confederate - down to the smallest details such as badges and buttons; national, state, and unit flags; and accessories including packs, ammunition boxes, and belt buckles.

Cleverly organized around the major battles of this terrible conflict, The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia begins with an introductory section, which outlines in broad fashion the general-issue uniforms worn by both Confederate and Union troops. The remainder of the book covers each major battle of the war in exhaustive and illuminating detail to make modern reenactments truly come to life, as authentic and historically accurate as possible.

Numerous beautiful and detailed maps show where each army's individual brigades moved during the course of each battle, enabling reenactors to trace the steps of their units exactly. The illustrations accompanying the maps show what a typical member of every important unit that fought in the battle might have worn.

Exhaustively and painstakingly researched, expertly written, and beautifully illustrated in glorious full color with photos, maps and drawings, The Civil War Reenactors' Encyclopedia provides a complete package of information for both the experienced Civil War reenactor and the newcomer to this fascinating hobby.

Author: Glen Marston and David T. Schiller

Thousands of American Civil War "re-enactment" enthusiasts were used as models in this photo-essay of the American Civil War. Whole regiments of the infantry, squadrons of mounted cavalry, and batteries of working cannon camp and manoeuvre over the actual battlefields of the 1860s.

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