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Author Topic: Ostfront Odessa After-action Report  (Read 3935 times)

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Ostfront Odessa After-action Report
« on: April 27, 2009, 02:30:20 PM »
The battle is over and the results are in.  The first Ostfront Odessa was a success!

The Soviet forces carried the day.  There were four separate scenarios - the Soviets won two, the Germans won one and there was a draw.

Numbers were small with approx 35 Soviets and 45 Germans.

The numbers were kept small specifically on the German side to avoid the 5-1 ratios that often occur.

The terrian was difficult but offered a great experience; an open quarry, heavily wooded and hilly expanse with roads and tracks, high plateau and open fields.

It was an unusually hot day for the end of April - but everyone hung in and fought throughout. Water was continuously being brought in to replenish emptied canteens.

Trigger time was had by all.  Vendor ammo was brought in half way through the day so units could restock.

The overall comments were satisfactory concerning the event itself. All units stated their desire to return next year and keep up the fight!

Another Ostfront will be next Spring - date to be determined, but it will be around the same time.  Keep checking the web-site.