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Author Topic: Atlantic Wall Blanks - more updates  (Read 5580 times)

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Atlantic Wall Blanks - more updates
« on: February 09, 2008, 10:22:08 AM »
We have expanded our WWI /  WWII lineup of blanks for most impressions.  We now make and stock the following.


8mm blank pistol
.32acp - crimped not gel capped
7.62 Nagant
8mm French Lebel Revolver
8mm Gasser
9mm Luger
7.62x25 full length (not Czech surplus) 
.38 revolver (.38 Webley and .38 S&W)
.45 Auto Rim
.455 Webley - Contact us first, we do not stock large amounts.
.45acp for both modified extractors and un-modified extractors.
.30 Mauser - short and long crimp
11mm French Ordinance Revolver & .44 German coming in June '08

Sub-Machine Gun:

7.62x25 full length
9mm full length

Rifle / Machine gun

5.56mm M-200A1
5.56mm M-200 - we will start making this summer
6.5x55 Swedish Mauser
6.5x53R Dutch / Romanian
7.62x51 - These are not cheap Austrian blanks, these are full strength U.S. G.I. rounds
.30 carbine
.30-06 M-1909 duplicate
.30-06 Machine gun - Short crimp
7.7 Japanese
7.5 French
7.65 Belgian / Argentine / OVS (Transvaal - Boar)
8mm French Lebel - in testing now
8mm Mauser
8mm Mauser Green tip - extra loud
8mm Mauser full length
.303 full length
7.62x54R surplus
7.62x54R full length - This is hard to keep in stock, contact us first

6.5 Carcano expected by this summer

8x33 will start limited production in the spring. Contact us for orders of this round as I will only make them to orders.


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Atlantic Wall Blanks - more updates
« on: February 09, 2008, 10:22:08 AM »
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