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General Great War Reenacting Lists
Subscribe to the Great War Reenactor List -- This list is for Great War Reenactors on both sides. It is the original Great War list and whilst there are other specialty lists out there, it still has the most members. If you're a Great War reenactor, or want to be one or are even just a WWI buff, please feel free to join!
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  The Central US Great War Living History -- meant to promote WWI-related living history activities, displays, reenactments, meetings and more in the Central US! (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Colorado, Iowa, Minnisota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas etc.)
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Socialist Rebublik o' Klaifornia Flag WW1 Westfront -- This is a list for those who reenact WW1 on the West Coast of the United States. All sides are covered here and we hope it will allow the hobby to grow.
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WW1 East Front -- Group for fostering the growth of Reenacting, collecting, and historical discussion of the First World War in Eastern Europe until the end of the Russian Civil War 1914-1923.

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Nationality-Specific GW Reenacting Lists
Kaiserliche Reichskriegsflagge Subscribe to the WW1-G Mailing List -- This list is for Great War Imperial German Reenactors. Mit Gott, für König und Vaterland!

Both reenactors and collectors are welcomed on this list. All that is really required is an interest in the Imperial German Military.

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KUK1914-1918 -- A gathering place for those interested in the Austro-Hungarian Army in the First World War. A place to share ideas, pictures and information. A place for anyone interested in gaining or sharing knowledge and information. Reenactors, living historians, collectors all are welcome.

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Great War Poilu -- This group is for anyone interested in reenacting part of the French Armed forces in WW1. You can expect to find information on uniforms and vendors as well as general histories and how to improve ones impression. The hope is that this list can provide a start for the many French Reenactors out there.
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The WWI Belgian list! Yep, they were there and here is a list for all of you who are Belgian fans (BTW, Paul Schipper is now reproing the uniforms and kit...).
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WW1-Italiano -- A list for those who are interested in the Italian soldier of the Great War. Especially those who wish to reenact this impression! If you're intrested in this often-overlooked Army, please consider joining us!

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US 48 Flag

Over There -- This is an informal group for the discussion of and to create growth and interest in recreating the American Soldier in the Great War. Our focus is in particular the role of the individual Yank/Doughboy/Sammie his uniform, equipment, weapons and life in and out of the trenches.

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Great War Sutlers/Vendors

Currently, we have a really great listing of sutlers here. These businesses are the best, so please visit them and tell 'em you saw it on reenactor.Net! If you have a reenactor vendor link you want on this page, please visit our Vendor Info Page.

Hessen Antique -- Hessen Antique is a small family owned business offering original militaria and museum quality reproductions for collectors and reenactors. We also provide costume and military technical support to film and theater productions. Please have a look at our products and feel free to Email us with any questions about our products or services.

Check out our new line of WWI uniforms and equipment! We carry a full line of authentic uniforms, headgear and equipment. Most models of WWI and WWII Visor Caps and Field Caps are either in stock or available. Our hats are custom made in Germany just like the originals and are the most authentic and high quality caps available.

I can attest to their superior products and customer service!! ~Marsh

militaria banner

Militaria Magazine — One of the very best publications World-WIDE, Militaria specializes in... Militaria! Every magazine is chock full of colour photos of uniforms and kit along with with excellent high quality articles explaining everything. Militaria covers everything to do with the military and militaria during the 20th Century. NO reenactor should be without Militaria — Get a subscription today.

* Militaria IS a French language magazine, however, we have never had any trouble with it — especially with google's translation website handy at all times ;-)


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Great War Reenacting Organizations

Here are the main WWI Great War Parent Organizations. They are the ones who put on the events. Check 'em out.

Great War Militaria -- specializing in World War I

The late J.R 63 at the Spring GWA Combat Event, Newville, PA
The late-great J.R 63 at the Spring GWA Combat Event, Newville, PA

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Great War Links from Around the World

This page contains links to many good sites that we find relevant on the 'Net. They are in no particular order, but look for us to have more quality links soon, and if you have a cool link related to WWI or German stuff that you'd like to see here, please contact e-mail me Marsh Wise.

These links are somewhat out of date and really, we're about reenacting, not covering the history of the War. I can think of no better place to find good Great War links than at the The Western Front Association's links page (I know, what a sod I am...) These folks have done an awesome job and have a very professional website. Please give them a look!

Allied Links

The Australian Archives: From this page can be located Australian WWI serving personnel records, along with memorials and other records of Australian participation in the Great War.

The Australian Defence Force Academy: Includes access to the 'First AIF Database Project' which... seeks to record comprehensive information on all 332,000 men and women (i.e. nurses) who served in the the Australian Imperial Force 1914-19.

The Australian War Memorial

The Canadian War Museum (English version)

Remembrance Day, and the record of Gordon Cameron of Ontario, (Canada)

Northern Ireland and the Great War page

The New Zealand Museums.

The Alexander Turnbull Museum, New Zealand. Includes images from Sir Ernest Shackelton's (later of the Archangel/Murmansk Expeditions) 1914-1916 Antarctic Voyage.

Scots at War (Scotland).

The US National Cryptologic Museum: Includes images of the 'Verdun Intercept Site Exhibit' and of the 'Black Chamber.' (USA)

Full-text Listings of U.S. Medal of Honor Citations, (USA)

The First Division Museum at Cantigny, Illinois, (USA)

Commemoration at Metz, and the Verdun 1916: un Train-Expo à Metz, France.(inFrench)

Avishai Halevy's Images Home Page featuring collections of images from France. .

July - August 1918, from Soissons
from a hospital, possibly at Moulin

Central Powers Links

The Collapse of the Central Powers

Die Darstellbarkeit des Krieges im Museum ["The Presentation of War in Museums"] (A German site reporting on the conference of the same name)

Deutsches Historisches Museum: German Historical Museum, Berlin, (Germany)

The Kaiser Wilhelm page (from Trenches on the Web):

The Historic Iron Cross 1813 - 1957: A great page about the history of the Iron Cross. This page has many links and is a good resource!

The Ernst Jünger Home Page. This site is all about Ernst Jünger, the acclaimed author of Im Stahl Gewittern (Storm of Steel) and many other books.

The Pickelhaube Page - If early war German uniforms are of interest to you, then this page is for you. This is probably the most complete site on the web that features the Pickelhaube (spiked helmet). Has tons of pictures and information on this type of headgear.

FEEFHS Map Room: German Empire - East (1882) - Silesia, Prussia (234K) - A web site that has a map of Silesia, Prussia from 1882.

Non-Specific Great War Links

The Great War Society, Stanford, California, (USA)

Wartime Propaganda - World War I (USA)

Student US Historians' Views of the Great War and its causes.

Oxford WWW Isaac Rosenberg Tutorial: A WWI Chronology, interpretative material and contextual information.

The Lost Poets of the Great War--World War I; by Harry Rusche.

Trenches on the Web: Lots of great articles on many different WWI subjects--without a doubt, one of the BEST sites on the Great War.
Don't miss it!!

Van Den Grooten Oorlog (Site from the Netherlands)

Versailles Treaty - This is for the true die-hard of the Great War; an electronic copy of the Versailles Treaty.

World War One Document Archive -- Primary Documents from the Great War

World War I Living History Sites For Reenactors

First World War Encyclopedia

BBC News | World War I | The Great War

The Great War - Web site created for the PBS television special. Has a lot of great information about the special and the Great War.

Great War Remembered

Collecting Militaria .... Before 1919 - A site devoted to teaching about collecting militaria. Has articles on many aspects of collecting.

Great War Image Links

Images of World War I: the Western Front (part of the Rosenberg site).

Photos of the Great War

Virtual Tour of the Western Front --
World War I.

World War I Images.

Great War Aviation Links

The World War I Modelling Page;

Along with one concentrating on:


Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome

WWI Aeroplanes, Inc

World War 1 Aircraft

USAF Museum Early Years Gallery;

Great War in the Air; The Smithsonian Institute--National Air/Space Museum's WWI Flight Gallery.

Flying Circle Graphics Home Page.- Primarily a flying page with some cool graphics.

Great War Fly-In and Concourse

Neat Stuff

6000 Volkslieder: German and other Folksongs. Frank Petersohn's EXCELLENT web page--he has zillions of German folk songs and marching songs, not only the lyrics, but in many cases, there are MIDI files to go along with them. 97% of all the song stuff on this site comes from Frank's site--he graciously allows me to use these songs. One of the nicest people you will find on the net, Frank does not limit his page to only German songs either, there are folksongs and national anthems from around the world here. For sure, check it out!!

Marsh's favourite beer (so he insists on this link): Budvar Budweiser!--The TRUE King of Beers! Unfortunately, Budvar is not available in the United States due to a bunch of legal chicanery (Boo! Hiss!). Some day, some way though, we will see Budvar here... Anyway, check them out!

Deutsch für Reisende is a web site designed to help you learn German.

Vermissten und Toten Datenbank - A very "dark" but interesting web site. This site in German and is linked to databases that have all of the German casualties of World War I and II.

Skat--A site that contains a shareware version of the popular German card game, Skat. It's not the easiest game to figure out but if you are truly a "Hun" then the challenge of learning and playing the game will be perfect for you. This was very popular with the Soldaten.

If you would like to have a link to your web page here, please first visit our "Wanna Link?" page, add the code you find there and then e-mail me with your URL. I will check it out and see if it fits with our topics.
Thanks, Marsh Wise

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World War I Reenactor's Morsels of Authenticity

What, you may be asking is a "Morsel of Authenticity"? Well, it simply is a term Marsh came up with to mean a short article on some reenacting subject. As time goes by, we hope to add more and more of these articles. In fact, right now, this is the only Morsel page working on reenactor.Net! Right now, we have five good articles for your information.

NOW, before someone starts to spaz, the reason these articles are all GERMAN-related is because that is what was sent it or found. If you have a good article about some ALLIED subject, well... SEND IT IN!

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