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Author Topic: Need advice re women's attire in pre-Rev war period (c. 1740)  (Read 3719 times)

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My husband and I are doing colonial townsfolk in a historic area. As this a town was settled and mostly populated by the Spanish, most of the women portray Spanish.  We portray English loyalists, and we are working or middle class.  At this point, my attire consists of the typical chemise, English bodice, gathered skirt, and cotton gathered cap, with a straw hat over the cap in summer.  I also use a rustic 5' walking stick.  Another woman re-enactor doing Spanish lets me know in subtle ways that I'm not properly attired because I don't wear an apron or stockings.  I'm one of those people who wants to be different, and not look like everyone else, and I don't care for the prim, apron-clad, basket-carrying persona of the other women.  (I guess I have a masculine side that needs satisfying!)
1.  Hubby suggested I get a fllintlock pistol -- after all, we're English in a Spanish town and would be wary of and prepared for hostile actions. 

2.  I'd like to wear some jewelry, but don't know what. Some of the Spanish women wear Christian crosses.

3.  Shoes.  Hubby says most women would have worn a sandal type shoe - leather or rope - in the summer heat (we're in Florida).  I've been wearing modern leather sandals with no stockings. 

I just don't think that ALL women would have ALL dressed the same way.  And I just can't see most women wearing stockings in humid, 90-plus degree heat.  What do you think?  Can you help me out with anything else that I've missed?  And what about jewelry?  I have pierced ears and would love to be able to wear some simple earrings. 

Your advice, sources, links, etc., are welcome.