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Great War Reenacting Units

The Limeyz! ;-)

Here's where you can find a good WWI unit to join! Check out the websites, look them over and then contact the one that interests you. We will have an article on things to look for in choosing a good reenacting unit soon -- look for it.

If you know of a website for a Great War reenacting unit not listed here,
please contact me and we'll get it going.

Great War Militaria -- specializing in World War I

The Allies

The grand coalition to save the world! Banded together in a all-out effort to fight for freedom. Here, you'll find the ever-expanding worldwide list of Great War Allied reenactor websites. Alas, this list is not even close to being complete. We have now broken down this area into separate pages for each country. There are just too many units to list on one page ;-)

Australia and
New Zealand





of Italy


The Central Powers

Originally comprised of old Civil War Confederate reenactors, guys who lived to be the "underdogs," the Central Powers forces in WWI reenacting have grown to become a force to be reckoned with. The men who portray the soldiers of Germany and the Austro-Hungarian Empire are serious in both their impressions and their attitudes.

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