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Ahoy from NC!
« on: March 25, 2009, 02:50:07 PM »
I am a history student and enthusiast out of Raleigh, NC and I am starting a new reenactment group!

As the home of Blackbeard's last stand, I think it's abominably sad that we have no recognized pirate and maritime reenactor groups (that I can find) Thus, my group was born.
About three days ago.

I am in active recruitment for all persons interested in sailing, NC maritime culture, and education (and of course fun!) I hope to reenact the period from 1750-1780 when NC's maritime settlements like Portsmouth Island and such were most active in merchant shipping, "wrecking", and privateering against the tyrannies of England! Long live the Spirit of Enterprise (and the boat, too).

I hope to provide an important educational opportunity for our state's schoolchildren in helping them understand how NC was largely founded and settled by sea-farers and the sea-faring tradition. New recruits will be taught how to sail and introduced to some of the fore-most historians' ideas about maritime tradition and how it played out in NC.

A willingness to sail, learn, and play is all that I ask of new recruits. All the rest is pudding on the cake.

Gimme a holler!

Thanks so much for your time and interest.