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Author Topic: June 28-29 Rowlesburg, WV  (Read 3852 times)

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June 28-29 Rowlesburg, WV
« on: January 16, 2008, 09:16:52 pm »
Rowlesburg 28-29 of June

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Greetings from the mountians. Fco 5th RIB (rs) MHPA incorprated. is co hosting an event with Rowlesburg WW2 living history museum the last weekend in June. Rowlesburg is a little town central WV. And it will be a great living history event. There will be vendors, wepons displays and of course an encampment. Set up will be the 27th of June with the event running through the 29th. Dinner on the 28th and Breakfast on the 29th will be provided for all reenactors. There is Free Admission for the Public to the field event. And there is no registration fee for reenactors. Please contact us for registration so we can have an accurate count for the meals.

There will be a USO dance hosted by the museum on the 28th. All reenactors are invited and admission for the reenactors is free there will be free wine and beer and hors d'oevres. Music will be provided by Maestro's of Swing. There band leader Bobby Menear is a direct decendent of Glen Miller. Dance tickets for public are 35.00 a person.

If any of you would like to bring your family there is a nice resort close by with houses for rent a a hotel for really good prices. My wife Terri, will send you all details if you would like e-mail her at Prices for hotel are in the 60.00 a night range and the houses range from 110.00-250.00 a night and they sleep between 6-29.

This has been a great event in the past and this year fco has joined with the museum in hopes to make it bigger and better then before. if any questions please message me on here or email my wife her email is listed above.

Vendors please contact Terri Cassidy at if you would like to come set up.

Thank you
1st Lt. Mike Cassidy

the website for the museum is

within the next few weeks the information for the event will be posted however infromation about last years event and pictures are on there now.

Flyers will be circulating the Gap for this event.
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June 28-29 Rowlesburg, WV
« on: January 16, 2008, 09:16:52 pm »
Lost Battalions (P)