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Author Topic: Need Soldiers for Sgt. Rock!  (Read 3458 times)

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Need Soldiers for Sgt. Rock!
« on: August 02, 2007, 11:20:23 PM »
Hello all,
First off great site and message boards -- I'm glad to be a part of it. Secondly, my name is Billy Tucci and I am a comic book writer/artist. I am currently bringing back the old DC comics character Sgt. Rock with filmmaker John Milius for a six issue miniseries. Our new story arc focuses on the infamous "Lost Battalion" of October 1944 in the Vosges mountains and their rescue by the The Japanese/American "Nisei" soldiers of the 442nd RCT . In "The Lost Battalion," Rock and Easy Company will be among 274 men of 1st Battalion/141st "Alamo" Regiment trapped by 7000 German troops who held out against all odds for six days. John and I want this Sgt. Rock series to be like no other ever seen before. Very realistic and true to the actual events of the battle. Gone will be the mismatched 30.06 pouches and 50. caliber bullet belts that serve no purpose to a man carrying an M1 Thompson and M1911. Being Airborne myself, I am striving for true authenticity and was hoping some reenactors could help me out if at all possible. I'd like to take pictures of the soldiers in actual kit and weapons, so that even those who served in WW2 would appreciate my attempt at authenticity. I'd also need some Germans, specifically the Gebirgstruppen mountain troops, so if you know where to direct me for that, I'd appreciate it as well. If you need to check on my work, please go to out my website below. Again, thanks for your time and again, any help would be greatly appreciated. I will also bring attention (if you'd like) to amy unit in my weekly column, "Hellion For Hire" on the website I live on Long Island, NY so if you any of you guys are interested, or know some local units (the 78th Infantry in NJ, has been real helpful) I could meet you at your drill grounds or an appereance site. I'm also personally looking for a Garand if anyone is looking to unload a nice one. My website is Last week's Hellion column (new one should be up tomorrow) can be found here:

My email is

With much respect, and many thanks!
Billy Tucci