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Hello all,

Sharpe Pointe ( ) is a new website created and maintained by and for the loyal fan base of the beloved Sharpe Series created by Bernard Cornwell and adapted for television beginning in 1993.

Our debut issue offers two ?behind-the-scenes? glimpses into the world behind the making of the Sharpe Series.  We are pleased to bring you the second part of our exclusive two-part interview with Alejandro Andrade, the new director for ?The Making of Sharpe's Peril? documentary. Join us as we talk to Alejandro about his recent post-filming experiences with the cast and crew of the latest episode of Sharpe.  Sharpe?s Peril is the 16th episode of the series which will air in the UK autumn 2008. We also bring you a compelling excerpt from 'At the Sharpe End' a compilation of notes and photographs within the on-going reminiscences of Rifleman Moore 1992-2008. Rifleman Moo re is the Military Advisor/Armorer for every Sharpe episode to date.