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  • Bastogne March 11th and 12th 2012 Terryville, CT: March 10, 2012 - March 11, 2012

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When: March 10th,11th 2012, GroundZeroAirsoft CT.
Field Address: 235 Wolcott Street, Terryville, CT
Store Address: 1254 Wolcott Rd. Wolcott, Ct 06716.

Web address:

Authenticity standards will be high for this event

US Airborne forces will NOT be limited, but strict Airborne Impression rules are still in effect. U.S. Infantry Impressions will be accepted as well.
We will be accepting a limited number of French resistance fighters to assist our U.S. troops with German positions, weapons and to assist with food and water if needed.

All types of German forces will be accepted, but strict Impression rules will be in effect. Usual troop inspection will be conducted by German Commanders.

Historical Background

16 December, 1944 - 28 January, 1945

In December 1944, an all-out gamble to compel the Allies to sue for peace, Adolf Hitler ordered the only major German counteroffensive of the war in northwest Europe. Its objective was to split the Allied armies by means of a surprise blitzkrieg thrust through the Ardennes to Antwerp, marking a repeat of what the Germans had done three times previously?in September 1870, August 1914, and May 1940. Despite Germany?s historical penchant for mounting counteroffensives when things looked darkest, the Allies? leadership miscalculated and left the Ardennes lightly defended by only two inexperienced and two battered American divisions.

On 16 December, three German armies (more than a quarter-million troops) launched the deadliest and most desperate battle of the western front through the poorly roaded, rugged, and heavily forested Ardennes. The once-quiet region became bedlam as American units were caught flat-footed and fought desperate battles to stem the German advance at St.-Vith, Elsenborn Ridge, Houffalize and later, Bastogne. The inexperienced U.S.106th Division was nearly annihilated, but even in defeat they helped buy time for Brigadier General Bruce C. Clarke?s brilliant defense of St.-Vith. As the German armies drove deeper into the Ardennes Forest, they attempted to secure vital bridgeheads west of the River Meuse, this defining line of the Allied front took on the appearance of a large protrusion or bulge, the name by which the battle would forever be known. The U.S.101st Airborne Divisions heroic defense of the besiege town of Bastogne and their overtaking of several surrounding Belgium towns thwarted the German advance and bought precious time for Lt. General George S. Patton's 3rd Army to relieve the besieged American Forces.

Authenticity guidelines

The following are the Authenticity guidelines for the U.S. 101st Airborne and Infantry Impressions

Headgear- M1C helmet with fixed d-bale ,with paratrooper liner and correct leather chinstrap. Helmets were covered with nets, a white winter cover or were just plain.

Uniform-M42 REINFORCED Jump uniform or M43 Paratrooper Uniform. Infantry M1941 Jacket with HBT Trousers in OD.
A WHITE tee shirt was usually worn underneath,along with the issued service shirt.

Footwear- BROWN repro Corcoran jump boots or M43 buckle boots. Black ones will be acceptable for this event if brown cannot be had. NO modern Army tan or suede boots. No French post War buckle boots. They are even wrong for regular infantry.

Webgear- Original or repro khaki web belt or cartridge belt depending on your weapon.
Original or repo M36 KHAKI suspenders WITH felt strap pads. These can be found at WPG or on Ebay.
M1910 Canteen and Canteen pouch.

First aid pouch. A lot of paratroopers also wore a first aid pouch attached to their helmet net containing a tourniquet, first aid dressing and a morphine syrette.

Origianl or Repo Musette Bag. OD or Khaki. Worn by ALL paratroopers. Containing extra socks, K-rations, Ammo, raincoat, and other personal items.
Holster, or shoulder holster for M1911. Holster must be BROWN leather. Black wasn't used till the 1950's or later.

Correct period flashlights are recommended for night maneuvers.

Accepted Weapons for U.S. Forces:

M1 Garand
M1 Carbine
M1a1 Thompson SMG
Browning .30cal MG
M3 Grease gun
Colt M1911 Pistol

The following are the Authenticity guidelines for all German Army troops

Headgear: M40 or M42; no decals or one decal only. M35 if no other helmet available. NO CAMO COVERS. M38, M42 or M43 feldmutze

Uniform: Wool M43 preferred; M40 and M42 secondary choices. M36 tunics are acceptable if no other options available; would prefer M36's tunics to be worn by NCO's. No M44 tunics. Wool or HBT Keilhosen preferred; straight leg trousers acceptable.

Boots: Ankle boots with Gamaschen or march/jack boots. Modern black leather boots with gaitors will be accepted if there is absolutely no other alternative.

Gear: either all leather, all web, or a mix of leather and web; combat gear includes ammo pouches, y-straps, breadbag, canteen w/ cup, mess tin, entrenching tool, bayonet and frog, gasmask container and Zeltbahn (optional)

Accepted Weapons for German Forces:
MP-38 or 40

Event Rules

What determines a "Hit"? A hit on a player is when any part of the body is hit by a fired BB. This includes any ricochet that may hit you.

What do you do when your hit: A dramatic fall to the ground while calling out "Hit" always works best. Once you've finished your "you got me scene" what comes next depends on your wound status. (See medic rules)

What about grenade kills? There are two kinds of grenade kills because there are usually two kinds of grenades brought to the events. Non-exploding "dummy" grenades and Exploding grenades.

Any "dummy" grenade landing within a unimpeded 20' radius, all within that radius is now DEAD. No wounded, just dead. (See medic rules)

For Exploding grenades, same rule as "dummy" grenade except, if you are hit with the exploding contents of the grenade, regardless of where you are, you are DEAD.

If you are in a trench, same rules apply except instead of a radius, the kill zone will be 10 feet in each linear direction from where the grenade land.

If you are in a building or bunker and the grenade enters, your dead! **Any building that does not have a roof, grenades are only allowed in through windows and entrance ways.

Smoke grenades: are just that. You can not die from a smoke grenade.

Bazooka, Panzerfaust and Mortar hits: The same radius and trench rules apply as the grenades rules. In regards to buildings/bunkers, two direct hits to the building destroys and kills everyone inside. Hits to sand bags above trenches do not constitute a hit.

Safety Kills: All engagements within a 50 foot range, a safety kill shall be declared. First combatant to call out safety kill lives. Any disagreements, both combatants are dead. We all know it is sometimes hard to estimate distances in the heat of battle, please use your best discretion as safety should prevail. Safety kills are mandatory in close quarters (buildings,bunkers and trenches)

Knife kills: Although rare, since this event does have night fighting and thus could have some sneak attacks, there could possibly be some knife kills. Only FAKE knife kills will be allowed. You must make contact with your target for the kill. For those of you who bring real knives and/or bayonets, please keep them holstered.

Aid Stations
Each team will be given two medical flags to serve as a mobile or HQ re-spawn point. The mobile aide station location should be determined by CO's and be at least 50 yards from the front lines. The HQ aide stations shall also be 50 yards to the rear of each sides primary HQ location. These aid stations can be captured by the opposing team for points. (Point system T.B.D. later) Aid stations that are captured by the opposing team must take the flag to their base to be awarded the points for the capture. After one hour the flag will be returned under a parlay to its original owner and may again return to it's original status. It is obviously important to secure your mobile aide station, if captured, your teams re-spawn point will be 50 yards to the rear of your HQ for the duration of it's capture.

Medic Rules
When a player is hit, they are to fall down (acting is encouraged!) and call for a medic and or buddy aide. Any teammate can medic their fallen comrade by holding onto them for five minutes. Contact must be kept for the entire five minutes and once time has elapsed the player is back in the fight. If no medic or buddy comes to your aide, after 5 minutes, you are considered "bled out" and you can leave for either the mobile aide or Battalion Aide Station (B.A.S.) where you must remain there for an additional 5 minutes.

After a player has been hit a 2nd time, the player must lay dead in place for 5 minutes before falling back to an aid station or to their main base. Once at the aid station the player must wait five more minutes before returning to combat. When leaving the field as a "dead man walking" no talking to teammates about enemy positions will be allowed. Dead men will grip their weapon by the business end and sling their weapon over their shoulder while holding up their free hand. No dead man shall be fire upon!

Ammo Restrictions
At the beginning of the Operation, both teams must bring all of their ammo and supplies out with them for the day. They are to leave these supplies at their primary positions for the duration of the battle. Soldiers can only go into battle with their loaded magazines or clips and cannot bring speed loaders or BB bags with them. Team leaders must work with their Squad leaders in order to coordinate rearming and refitting during their assaults/defenses. Only players with 8mm weapons that require "hand feeding" of their ammo may carry loose ammo with them.
Support weapons (1919s, mg34s,42s) may be reloaded with the use of ammo cans or with bandoleers of deactivated ammunition/blanks. Each belt or ammo can equals one bag of bbs which can be carried on the attack and these items must be supplied by the soldier.

When the 101st went into Bastogne, they had a limited supply of Ammo. This will hold true for this event. 101st Airborne troops will only be allowed to start with a limited supply of Ammo. (this will be determined during the briefing) One of the objectives is for U.S. forces to re-supply the 101st.

Tents: Since this is an overnight event, everyone should bring some sort of shelter with them. Players camping out in the field of play shall only be allowed to pitch WW2 period tents. These tents can be found on various internet locations for as little as $14.99. If you decide to bring a more modern tent, you may do so, but you must leave the field of play and camp out in the designated area by the parking area.

Water and Rations: Only period canteens will be allowed on the battle field. Each side may "hide" additional water supplies at their HQ's. Gatorade buckets, coolers or bottled water must be kept out of sight (either in a structure or tent). Food rations are encourage as we will not have a "formal" lunch break for this event as German and Allie HQ's will be far apart. A short cease fire may occur, but is yet T.B.D. You can purchase period rations for either side at I would purchase at least 2 meals worth. Candy bars will be accepted. Please take your meal trash with you if you are in the field. This was mandatory for all soldiers as they knew if they left their trash behind, they would be giving away their positions. We will follow the same practice. Bring a plastic bag with you and put trash in your musette bag. Open fires in designated areas that are properly dug out and shielded by rocks may be allowed.

Video or still cameras: Anyone that wishes to spend some time taking either video or stills from the event during the battles may do so and not be fired upon, nor can they do so themselves. If one decides to do so, they must discard their weapon, and attach a RED rag to their helmet for ID purposes. For those of you new to the hobby, we encourage all photography.


Please send your registration info to the following Email address:

Please include the following:

Unit Impression and rank:
Email address:
Rental: Y N


For all participants

Pre-payment via paypal: $55.00
Pay at Field: $70.00
Pre-payments sent via Paypal to:

Download Waiver

Please go to the following link to download the GZA waiver form. If you can print and fill this out prior to your arrival at the event, it will make your registration go a lot smoothly. All players under 18 must have waiver signed by parent/guardian.
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