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Author Topic: Dad was Funker/Wehrmacht; others in same boat?  (Read 3613 times)

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Dad was Funker/Wehrmacht; others in same boat?
« on: October 12, 2011, 06:13:46 PM »
Hi, I've been  recording my German Dad's experiences as a signal-man (Funker) in the Wehrmacht. Drafted into 1-Schlachtgeschwader Luftwaffe and 6th Division Fallschirmjager,  He was a radio-man, receiving/sending Morse code including on the Enigma machines. Dad was a POW in American-administered Camp at Attichy France. (Dad was NOT in the Nxxx party.)
Seeking WWII reenactments in the PA/VA/WVa/MD/DE/NJ areas.
 Also interested in corresponding concerning Dad's Wehrmacht divisions, prison experiences and radio(Funkwehr).

Thanks for reading!, Lillian (Baltimore)
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Re: Dad was Funker/Wehrmacht; others in same boat?
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2011, 10:31:40 AM »
Greetings. I am sure there is a lot to learn of your Dad's experiences. Did he keep a journal ? That would be a wealth of information. There is a bunch of stuff to see & do re WW2 reenacting in the mid-Atlantic. Reading WW2 Air Show around first week of June in Reading PA is a good day trip to visit but that event is changing. Fort Indiantown GAP a PA Nat'l Guard post off I-81 NE of Harrisburg PA is a huge 4 or 5 day WW2 period barracks occupation by today's reenactors with some battle events thrown in is another good day trip. Veterans Day is coming soon and there are multiple one day events held here & there. Other events like Marching Thru Time (a multi period military timeline event) in Glendale MD is held in mid April where there is a fair representation by German, US & British WW2 reenactors for two days. Keep in touch or PM me, I live near BWI Airport so I have an idea what is happening normally. Events which are purely about German WW2 reenactors don't really exist - usually all armies are represented to some extent at WW2 reenacting events. 

Cheers, Johnnie, 93rd Highlanders 1812-1858,
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