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Yes, we know, it's not done and it never will... however, we plan to add links to this area as we find them.

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Rag Tag Crew (Sweden, South)
We are a group who like re-enactment and living history. Most of us have our roots in airsoft gaming, but have for various reasons moved on to re-enactment/living history. However, that said, we still play now and then and are very comfortable with this.

Most of us think that nature, outdoors experiences, photography, collecting, airsoft and re-enacment/living history meet and connect. Therefore we combine these into one and try to stay together in a group which we call the Rag Tag Crew.
Project Blue Book Reenactors is a Texas-based living history/tribute group that, for the first time, links The UFO Experience to historical reenacting. Project Blue Book Reenactors employs period-correct military and civilian uniforms and clothing, vehicles, artifacts, published reports and facsimile government and agency documents to communicate the story of the U.S. Air Force's decades-long effort to solve the mystery of aerial phenomena. Members are encouraged to portray military personnel, academia, lay researchers, and witnesses/contactees/abductees.

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