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WWII Articles & Stuff

  • Morsels of Authenticity: Articles and details to help with building a great impression. [Finally I got off my butt and had some time to start this!!!] If you have an article to help others, anything at all, please send it in! We know there is good stuff out there!
  • After Action Reports: Some older After action reports. I hope to have some new ones here soon--these were done in the "pre-Marsh" days--so a long time ago now. Need more!
  • On Reenacting Axis Troops: Here is an article for those shallow people who simply cannot understand why anyone would want to reenact Axis troops, much less be allowed to.
  • Definition of a FARB!: This is a couple of short essays on just what a Farb is. See if you don't agree (of course, if you're offended, send me an e-mail)
  • Appearance Standards for WWII Reenactors: Here is an article which is SURE to either please or offend!
  • German Rank and how to recognize it: Hey Kinder, now you can look at a German reenactor and not just wonder what all them "shiney doo-dads" are.
  • Too many little groups?: Article by Larry Mayo on the need to halt the proliferation of new reenacting groups.
  • Something else to Avoid: A very negative article about some SS reenactors in England. It shows what happens when guys with little or no common sense, are allowed to a: reenact WWII and b: talk with the press.Mississippi State University WWII Archives

Pictures on this page were gestolen from the 7./ G.R. Grossdeutschland's Websites ? Danke Schön!

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