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WW2 Reenacting Organizations

On this page, you will find a list of the many WWII "parent" organizations. These are the overall organizations that put on events and that most Units/clubs belong to. If you don't already have a unit or are looking to join, it is a good idea to find one of these organizations in your area and contact them -- they can then help you find a good unit and get started.

To add your unit link, please go to our link-add page.

If you find a problem in this time/area or would like your unit listed please feel free to e-mail the WW2 T/A webmasters: Harry Coombs.

As our name implies, we are a WW 2 Living History and Reenactment organization headquartered in Colorado, but with members in 7 states.  The Rgt is starting our 21st year in this hobby having been formed in Mai 88.  
Army Group South (Australia)
Army Group South is an Australian living history organisation based in Brisbane, Queensland and its core purpose is the historical recreation of the combat soldier of WW2, which it strives to achieve by supporting sub-units of various national forces of the period e.g Commonwealth, German, Italian,American, Russian, Polish, etc.

Comprehensive guidelines for operation and membership (incl interview / probation period) are distributed to all members as well as interested persons.
2010 WWII and Veterans Weekend (Midwest - Michigan)
The 3rd Annual WWII and Veterans Weekend in St. Clair Shores Michigan is quickly becoming the premiere event in the region. Directors Paul Palazzolo and Jose Evangelista are committed to making it the most enjoyable event reenactors will participate in. Visit website for complete details.
An East Coast WWII reenacting umbrella organization. W2HPG is an innovator in WWII reenacting by being the first organization to use the Combat System. The Combat System (GCS) allows reenacting to be more "real" by actually injecting many of the objectives and limitations of real combat in to the reenactment.
WWIIReenacting.co.uk is dedicated to bringing World War Two era reenactors from the UK together. Please use our forums, which will be the main form of communication between us all. We will keep you posted on latest events and shows, with articles and news also.
Army Group South (Australia)
Army Group South is an Australian living history organisation based in Brisbane, Queensland and its core purpose is the historical recreation of the combat soldier of WW2, which it strives to achieve by supporting sub-units of various national forces of the period e.g Commonwealth, German, American, Russian, Polish, etc.

Comprehensive guidelines for operation and membership (incl interview / probation period) are distributed to all members as well as interested persons.
Usually just referred to as the "HRS", this was the first WWII Reenacting organization in the US, holding battles back in the mid-seventies.
The WWII HRS has an international membership approaching 1000 men and women. Collectors of militaria, historians, businessmen, students, and anyone who fosters an interest in the Second World War are a part of a unique group that depicts the events of the European Theater of Operations from 1939-1945.
The Society is devoted to studying the historical importance of the infantryman in that global conflict. We hope to educate the public on the importance of preserving artifacts of that era and fostering the growth of reenacting as a hobby.
The WWII HRS was founded in 1976 and is not a political, religious, or para-military organization, nor does it permit ideological activities by it's members. Our purpose and goal is to keep alive the traditions of the WWII combat soldier from all nations. Scheduled public performances, ceremonies (Memorial Day, Veteran's Day, etc.) and special events give our members the opportunity to display the uniforms, ay, etc.) and special events give our members the opportunity to display the uniforms, weapons, equipment, and camp life of that era.
A non-profit educational and historical society. We exist for the sole purpose of remembering and paying tribute to combat soldier of WWII. We do this but reserving period artifacts, and researching their use, origins, and those that used them. Our club events consist of battle reenactments and public displays, in effort to better educate the general public as well as our selves on the daily rigors of the common soldier in WWII.
World War II Federation (USA, MidLant, PA, MD, VA)
(the "WWII Living History Preservation Federation LLC if you really are all worked up about it) -- An East-Coast based organization who puts on one event a year now, the annual Ft. Indiantown Gap event (called "FIG" or the "GAP" by reenactors). The website is somewhat disjointed -- after you get there, hit refresh and it seems to work better. Also, realize that FIG is put on for them (the organizers), not for reenactors... it will keep you from being pissed off later!
We are a living history unit who portrays the common ground crews of WW2.  Every year we assist the Collings foundation with their "Bomber fantasy cam" by being the training unit to assist training the students.  We also participate with the Midland Odessa TX CAF for their annual "Airsho" and set up a flightline maintenance section.  If you have a love for WW2 aircraft and getting your hands dirty on them drop us a line.
A WWII reenacting organization located in Northern California, centered around the Sacramento Area. Holding events almost monthly, the MCA is an active group looking to expand participation. Please visit their site and look around.
The NWHA (USA, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Northern California)
Operating in the Pacific Northwest, the Northwest Historical Association has active members from Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia. The NWHA encourages people with an interest in the Second World War to join in the fun and challenge of reenacting. You will gain greater understanding of what life was like as an infantryman facing other infantrymen in a grim struggle beyond your control.

The Northwest Historical Association is an organization dedicated to the preservation of the history of World War II. We are amateur historians who collect militaria, books, firearms, and vehicles. We exhibit our collections to interested parties and relive that era via tactical battles and displays. We are not survivalist, Nazis, neo-Nazis, or affiliated with any militias. We do not espouse any political views while gaming. We are and will remain non-political.

We are an association of like minded hobbyists and militaria collectors whose prime aim is to preserve and display the weapons, equipment and personal items of the armies that operated in North West Europe during the second world war. We also remember the individual solders who fought during the second world war through the mediums of:
  -living history displays
  -educational presentations to schools
  -public battle re-enactments
  -private tactical training events

 The World War Two Living History Association provides a portal for it's members to do this in a safe, professional, legal and respectful manner.
One of our primary aims is to represent the combatant and non-combatant personnel in the most correct manner possible through dress and behaviours, so as to act as a living memorial to them. As we pursue these aims, we do not allow any political involvement to enter our actions.

The World War Two Living History Association is a member of the National Association of Re-enactment Societies (NAReS).
A non-political organization for all that are interested in war history, living history and roll playing. Internationally it is known as reenacting or living history.

We tend towards doing the WWII era--1941-1945 in the Easten Front, but we are also looking to reenact other theatres of the Second World War. We are looking to meet regularly and our motto is have happiness and fun together with interesting subjects and themes. We practice and rollply in mainly private areas and localities, there gestalted by field soldiers, with vehicle, arranging historical scenes and war scenes, films and photographs for own use, instructions in for example how to make time-accurate uniforms and other equipment correct, German, Russian, War tactics, studies, themes, historic evenings, with specially invited lecturers, film and video evenings, group trips to war damaged areas, and museums. We even arrange also other exciting, trips ever year to some of the following lands like, England, Germany, Tcheckolslavakia, Holland, Estland, and Russia, there we are included in acting.
6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment
  During WW2, for the first time, soldiers and equipment were flown into battle by air. In the opening phases of the war, the German armed forces used airborne forces dropping by parachute and landing by glider with great effect to attack targets in western Europe and the Mediterranean.   The United Kingdom was quick to see the advantages such forces could give, and in response, developed airborne forces of her own.  Of the nations who used airborne forces, no-one brought the concept to reality in a manner grander than the United Kingdom.  With larger and more sophisticated types of glider than any other country, the British Army was capable of landing entire mechanized and armored units directly into battle by air.  
  The epitome of that capability was the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, an entirely mechanized, armored unit equipped with light tanks, armored personnel carriers, armored scout cars, jeeps, motorcycle mounted infantry, and it's own artillery in the form of towed 4.2" heavy mortars.  
  The 6th AARR was flown into the Normandy bridgehead on the evening of D-Day, the operation code-named "Mallard", becoming the first-ever unit in history to fly tanks directly into a battle by air.  It fought throughout the Normandy campaign alongside the units brought in by sea, and advanced out of the bridgehead during the "Breakout from Normandy", leading the way to the Seine River.     After the 6th AARR was withdrawn from Normandy to Britain to prepare for further airborne operations, it was sent, in a hurry, back to the continent in December of 1944 to bolster the British and American forces fighting along the northern flank of the Ardennes forest in the "Battle of the Bulge".  Upon completing its mission there, it was again withdrawn to Britain to prepare for further airborne operations.
  In March of 1945, the tanks of the 6th AARR were again flown into battle, this time during "Operation Varsity", the crossing of the Rhine River.  The unit flew into the air head to fight off german counterattacks and operate as a reserve, assisting the airborne infantry where necessary.  Upon the successful establishment of the airhead and the link-up with the 'seaborne' forces crossing over the river, the 6th AARR again led the advance, at the head of the 6th Airborne Division. Leading the division in its true reconnaissance role, it broke out of the Rhine bridgehead and advanced all the way to the Baltic sea, linking up with Soviet Forces advancing from the east, and putting paid to the Third Reich.
  Our club, the re-enacted 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, portrays the men and machines of our namesake, to keep alive the memory of those who pioneered the flight of armor into battle.  We are a non-profit organization of volunteers who spend our time and effort collecting and crewing armored vehicles of the type used by the 6th AARR in its operations during WW2.  
  We participate in demonstrations for the public as well as private gatherings of like-minded clubs in Texas and her neighboring states.  Membership is open to all.  

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