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Listing of Waffen-SS Reenacting Units

The Waffen-SS... usually thought of with only hatred and loathing, was more than this. The Waffen-SS was an elite branch of the German military that fought at the front, much like the US. Marine Corps -- in fact, if you ask veterans why they joined the W-SS, they will usually tell you because they were the "fighters" and "tough" an "elite outfit."

The Waffen-SS (German for "Armed SS", literally "Weapons SS") was the combat arm of the Schuetzstaffel ("Protective Squadron") or SS. In contrast to the Wehrmacht, Germany's regular army, the Waffen-SS was a combat unit composed of volunteer troops with particularly strong personal commitments to Nazi ideology and initially selected on racial basis.

It was founded in Germany in 1939 after the SS was split into two units, but the title of Waffen-SS only became official on 2 March 1940. Although nominally under the leadership of Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler, a political and internal security appointee, the Waffen-SS saw action throughout the Second World War under de-facto operational control of the Wehrmacht. During the war it grew to 39 divisions, which served as elite combat troops alongside the regular army.

An Elite

If you ask a Waffen-SS veteran WHY he joined, they, without fail, say "They were the fighters, like your Marine Corps!" and that is pretty much how they were regarded then. Now days, people have a different view of the Waffen-SS, but at that time, it was more that they were an elite.

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2./SS Fallschirmjager 600 (MidAtlantic USA)
The purpose of this unit is to conduct historically accurate WW2 battle reenactments and other living history activities for the education and benefit of the public, and for the enjoyment of our own members. Our focus is on authenticity and camaraderie. Our organization neither condones nor supports any NSDAP or extremist political ideologies, past or present. Members must be 18 years of age and legally able to possess firearms. We are students of military history not political science. Due to the nature and history of the unit we portray, anyone uncomfortable with, insulted by or opposed to the display of swastikas, SS runes or other WW2 German symbols and/or regalia should not seek membership.
Our unit is the first Finnish WW2 re-enacting unit portraying a certain, well-known unit.
"Michael Gai?mair", was founded in early 2006 by Finnish re-enacting enthusiasts seeking
to do something that had not been done in Finland before.

Our unit is small but professional - we are not afraid to get wet, dirty or cold.
We are based primarily in the Mid-Atlantic area of the east coast with members in PA, VA, MD, DE, and NC. We portray a late war Panzerj?ger Zug (or anti-tank platoon) but easily switch into an infantry role as events dictate.
2010 WWII and Veterans Weekend (Midwest - Michigan)
The 3rd Annual WWII and Veterans Weekend in St. Clair Shores Michigan is quickly becoming the premiere event in the region. Directors Paul Palazzolo and Jose Evangelista are committed to making it the most enjoyable event reenactors will participate in. Visit website for complete details.
We are members of the WWII Living History Association. Based in Mid-Atlantic region, our group has members all over the mid-Atlantic region and are actively recruiting! We have high authenticity standards and strive for Kameradschaft amongst our members! We participate in public displays and private tacticals.
This is one of the oldest WWII reenacting units in existance today and is, in fact, the original 1. SS reenactment unit in the U.S.! The LSSAH has over 300 members spread about the U.S. -- definitely, a serious unit. This site has a LOT of pictures and info both about the group and the impression. Ausgezeichnet!
The 1st SS LAH is a group of non-political enthusiasts of history. We portray combat soldiers of the 1st Waffen-SS LAH (Aufklarung or reconnaissance unit) at public displays and at private re-enactments. We are located in the Mid-Atlantic/Virginia area.

We represent a small Aufklarung Gruppe within the large division and join forces with the 2nd SS "Das Reich", 1st SS Pionier, and 1st Panzer Gren. to form the battlegroup "Sonnenwende." Together we create a realistic Kampfgrupp with similar interests in the hobby of re-enacting.
This is the Official web site of 8.Kompanie Pz. Gren. 1 Rgt. 2 Btl.  Our primary objective is to portray the ordinary soldaten of the Waffen-SS  through meticulous research and attention to detail.  Whether participating in tactical events or Living History displays, our goal is always the same, to create an authentic impression of the Waffen-SS soldat. The members of this unit are located along the East Coast of the United States.  We attend events in the same geographical area.
1.SS Arizona reenacts a motorized recon unit of the Waffen-SS. Our unit trains with topographic maps, compasses as well as radio communications so that we can move, traverse, locate the enemy, fix his location on a map, and get that information to the main assault body.

We arrive ready to fight. 1.SS Arizona deploys MG42s as well as various individual automatic weapons so that we can be an effective fighting force as well as fulfilling our recon mission. All members are trained to use all of the weapons in the unit.

In order to maintain our skills the unit participates in training weekends where classes in the various functions of the unit are conducted. We are, after all, in this hobby to learn

Formed in June of 2001, the vision for the 1.SS Aufkl?rungs Abteilung Arizona was to create a unit that not only dressed the part of the Waffen-SS soldier of WWII but embodied his Esprite de Corps as well. When the founding members of LSSAH Arizona first got together they all shared one idea. That was, that WWII reenacting from a German perspective should be more than dressing up and popping caps. Within the Waffen SS during WWII there was a friendship and loyalty to each other that founding members of 1.SS Arizona found appealing, and so they designed to build a new unit that not only maintained a high level of authenticity, but also provided the "Kamardschaft" that was such a big part of the life of WWII Waffen-SS Soldaten.
is a member of the World War II Research and Preservation Society (RPS). Members come from all walks of life, ranging from current and retired Military personnel and civilian law enforcement to full time students, doctors, lawyers, and busy executives

In order to accurately portray the tactical experience of the combat soldier of World War II, we also must portray combatants from all sides. However, we steadfastly refute any notions of association with any Socialist or Communist organizations and we reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone wishing such an association.
is located in the New England area. Interesting website, but not much about them...
We are an SS unit that portrays a Pionier Battalion. We thought it would be fun to do something besides infantry. We participate in battle reenactments and several living history events. We are located in Boise, Idaho. We are a small unit with only four members so far, but were growing and you have to start somewhere.
6.SS-Gebirgs-Division "Nord" (USA, MidWest, HRS)
We thank you for your interest in our reenactment group.We are an HRS unit with members in Indiana,Ohio,And Michigan.We portray the 6th. SS Gebirgs Division during the years 1943-1945 Although the unit was formed in Norway in 1941.The 6.SS fought on the Eastern and Western fronts.This gives our unit the option of attending events based on either.The 6.SS fought in the worst possible conditions.Having fought in cold, wet swampland as well as the Artic Circle.In addition to educating the public in the history of WW2, it is our goal to foster a gerneral understanding of the typical German soldier,and to portray him as a man in a struggle to survive a war that he did not want.
A World War II reenacting group located in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. This unit was founded by military veterans and police officers with a vision of a unit who is second to none in tactical proficiency. We are not a parade ground unit. Consequently, there is a very heavy emphasis on physical fitness within this unit.

This is not to say that we will not accept members who are overweight, however in the interests of both historical accuracy (there were no front line SS soldiers with stomachs hanging out over their belts), and safety, we will select members who share our similar views of physical fitness. In the field, we move, and we move fast. We are a heavy mortar company (We own a captured Russian 82mm Mortar), and the physical effort required to move this equipment from one location to another is indeed strenuous.
Members of this unit portray the 11. Kompanie, 4-SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment "Der F?hrer", 2. SS-Panzer Division "Das Reich", circa 1944. The 9th through 12th companies constituted the 3rd Battalion of "Der F?hrer," which was the only panzergrenaider battalion in "Das Reich" equipped with halftracks. Our unit is fully motorized -- we have 2 functional trucks with another in restoration, we have a BMW Motorcycle combination, and a converted 251D model halftrack. Our main goal is a pursuit of pure "campaign style" reenacting. Sleeping conditions as well as daily life could be harsh for the common soldier, as it sometimes can be for us. We endeavor to rough it just as the common soldiers of WW2, and have learned how the common soldier made his own life easier in the process. If you want the total WW2 experience, that is what we are after as well- even if it only last a few days a month!
We portray a Sturmpionier Gruppe (combat assault engineer, or sapper squad) within 2.Kompanie (armored) of the division's Pionier-Bataillon lending our demolitions capabilities to help our Kameraden attain sure and swift victory in our "fight against Bolshevism"!

Our unit consists of members in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri (in the USA). As of now, we can field a full array of small arms (which fire blanks) and engineering equipment, but we Wikinger are always on the look out for more men and equipment! For those members that want to expand their reenacting experience, we also have full automatic weapons for rent! As dedicated living historians, we are also very much into preserving the little odds and ends that the German combat soldier would use day-to-day, such as the music, food, personal effects, etc. Detail in this hobby is as important to us as it is in the building of a good model Panzer.
We have unit membership in the TSG, HRS, MVPA and other associated clubs, societies, etc. Our members mostly come from the Michigan area and portray the 9th SS Panzer Division during the years 1943-1945. The 9th SS fought on both the Eastern and Western front giving our unit the option of attending events based on either. The 9th SS had a most distinguished history and was well respected by all, enemy included.

  By reenacting as the 9th SS we have created a unique opportunity to battle along side of the majority of existing reenactor units that had their original units engaged in battle along side of or against the 9th SS. This historic accuracy in the field is an important aspect in our determination to be authentic and realistic in all facets of the hobby.

  As a reenactment group it is essential for us to stress that we are not a political group nor are we a para-military organization. Our goal is to promote awareness and understanding on the part of the public. These elements being the world history from 1939-1945; specifically the military history of WWII, through the staging of public educational exhibitions, lectures displays and reenactments of typical battles fought between the Allied and Axis forces in WWII.
In addition to the educating of the public in the history of WWII, it is our desire to foster a general understanding of the typical German soldier, and to portray him as a man first, in a struggle to survive a war he hoped to see the end of. This is something that makes him a brother to all soldiers, of all nations, of all wars! Sieg oder chaos!
The 12th SS is committed to high levels of authenticity. We've been on the cover of Militaria Magazine 3 times and have participated in the making of various documentry episodes on the History Channel. We have various vehicles including a 251/D halftrack, Kubelwagens, Schwimmwagen, troop transport trucks, motorcycles w/sidecars and have a Marder III in the works.

The CHG's 12th SS is a non-political unit whose sole purpose is to preserve World War Two history through uniform, equipment and vehicle restorations, static displays, and historical reenactments.

We usually meet once a month to accomplish this purpose. Our membership consists of military historians, collectors, students, businessmen, vehicle enthusiasts, and many others who share an interest in World War Two. Preserving and accurately recreating history is a common goal.

We are always looking for new recruits !!! Uniforms and gear are available on a loaner basis. Please take the time to visit our entire website. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or email us anytime !!
We portray the men of the 1st Platoon, 4th Kompanie, I Battalion, 25th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment, 12th SS Panzer Division 'Hitlerjugend'. The 12th SS is group of friends and family from Minnesota, Iowa & Wisconsin. Authenticity is our main priority. We carry what they carried, we wear what they wore. Our goal is to have the most historically accurate, highly motivated and best organized unit around. If this group is something you are interested in, please contact our unit leader, Scott Steben at badsteben666@hotmail.com
The 16th SS-Panzer Grenadier Division (reenacted) is an Historical Reenactment group that examines WW2, and the role of the Waffen-SS division, and Wehrmacht units including the 29th Panzer Grenadier Div, The 4th FJ, the 352nd Infantry, 44th Infantry, 20th Luftwaffe Field division, and others played in the often overlooked Italian and Balkan Fronts.
Based in Auburn/Sacramento, California and holding/attending reenactments in the Auburn, Foresthill and Central Valley area. Our unit has a converted half-track (ex-OT-810) and a real restored 1943 Kubelwagen.
We are a  re-enacting group based in central Florida portraying the only Waffen SS paratroop unit to see action in World War 2. Our emphasis is on historical accuracy, kameradschaft and realistic battlefield tactics. Our group has been re-enacting since 1985 all over the country, and is currently very active in the Southeast United States. We had the very great privilege of hosting the last commander of the Batallion, Sturmbannfuhrer Siegfried Milius, at an event sponsored by us in October 1988. Herr Milius has since sadly passed away, but the spirit of he and his men lives on through us. Our unit is open to anyone 16 years of age or older, regardless of race, religion, sex, or physical handicap.
SS FJ Btl 600 (USA Midatlantic)
The purpose of this unit is to conduct historically accurate WW2 battle reenactments and other living history activities for the education
2nd Kompanie 22 PGR 10th SS (Midwest Northern USA)
 Members of the 2nd Kompanie 22nd PGR 10th SS Frundsberg portray the life of combat soldiers in an elite unit of the Waffen SS. Our purpose is to preserve the memory of the WWII soldier through participation in reenactment battles, public display events, and the collection and preservation of WWII memorabilia. Our goal is to provide an authentic portrayal of the WWII German soldier in order to educate the general public concerning the sacrifices made by the veterans of this great and momentous conflict.
2. Kompanie (Illinois)
2. Kompanie is a re-enactment group based in the Mid-west of the States. Our main impression is that of 2./SS-Totenkopf-Infanterie-Regiment 1.

Our goal is to accurately portray soldiers from the German Wehrmacht during WWII.

Our primary impression is of the SS-Division "Totenkopf", however, we do attend events as other units of the Wehrmacht as the scenario may determine. This felxibility to portray an early war unit and a late war unit is something unique to the men of 2. Kompanie.

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