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Author Topic: Hillsboro TX, Gunshow/WWII MV & Reenactor Event Sept 13-14  (Read 3045 times)

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Hillsboro TX, Gunshow/WWII MV & Reenactor Event Sept 13-14
« on: September 07, 2008, 12:24:26 AM »
Civic Center in Hillsboro Texas this coming September 12, 13 & 14 will have a Gunshow and will be hosting outdoor displays of WWII & post war MV's, WWII living history along with a WWII show battle. Anyone interested in coming out to this event with ther World War II Impression, G.I., British, German or if you have a MV to display, your support is more than welcome to fall in! Early setup is welcome on Friday Sept 12. Info & contact posted below:

Hillsboro, Texas Sept 12, 13, 14
Okay ! Here are some details you can e-mail out and place in the
Pintlehook.August 4TH, me and dean Asher met with Thomas Kreason the
host of the upcoming MilitaryGunshow/Guitar show in Hillsboro,TX at
the city's civic center and where to able to gather a lot of positive
The civic center in Hillsboro is the old wal-mart off of I-35 and
offers 42,000,00square feet. Now as i had mentioned the above
mentioned show is 12TH,13TH,14Th of September. What is needed is any
and all WW2 reenactors to come and set up static displays. We are
asking any and all M.V.P.A members to bring out their vehicle's too.
What is being offered is a limited number of Free vendor spaces both
inside and outside as long as they are militaria. Reenactors in
uniform get in Free. If you bring a RV or camper Free electric is
available and camping is permitted on location. Also, Outside the
civic center is a strip of land about the size of a football field in
which camps and displays can be set up upon. The over all parking
area is Hugh plenty of room to go around. Unfortunately, the civic
center is not able to take vehicle's inside at this time.So , anyone
bringing their military vehicle will have to display outside.
The plan so far is if we get enough reenactors we will have a small public battle on the 13TH may-be
around 3:00 P.M. Basically , the battle could be where the Allies
discover the German camp and attack it. So even if just a couple of
jeeps with machine guns would come we have a show. We will come up
with something. Also , Derek Heuring our Canadian Allied is bringing
his truck. Common wealth forces welcome too. Now , The other purpose
of being part of this event is to demonstrate to the Hillsboro and
the tourist board what WW2 reenactments are all about in order to get
a new venue to stage a show battle in the old down town Hillsboro
area in 2009. Let me tell you. We have so far an over whelming
response here. What does this mean? There is going to be funds made
available in the future events in Hillsboro to support some of the
reenactors cost.
Other perks.There are bed and break-fest guest
houses that will accommodate couples and first come first serve.
Really nice, one place has a room
that will hold ten or twelve guys. There is also the Renaissance
village that could be available for a public battle or tactical in
January. I like all to know too, we have also gained favor with the
Hillsboro "Texas Heritage Museum" they will be at the event and will
be one of our future sponsors.The Museum has a great WW2 display by
the way and admission is free and is located right across I-35 less
than a mile away from the Hillsboro civic center. The next exciting
news is that the "Texas Historical Commission" is on board with us
and it may be announced in the near future a newly recognized WW2
reenactment association. Now then , to address safety concerns , we
talked to Tony Cain - chief of police and he and his department are
all thumbs up with this and us. In fact, they new about Bellmead and
are excited to have something like WW2 events in Hillsboro. So ,
police , fire and EMS services will be on location 24 - 7 through out
the event. Also ,
just FYI- this event is being held the same weekend as the Cotton-
picking Fair in Hillsboro.So lots to do with the family on the
weekend of 12,TH.13TH,14TH of September.We are also in the process of
bringing in the boy scouts to patrol and allow them to earn their
community merit badges. Anyway. So , i hope i have cover all the
basics. We ask for anyone and everyone support. My cell is 1-972-207-
9992 my e-mail is or contact Thomas Kreason for
more information. 1-254-580-9700


Go I-35 heading towards Hillsboro. Take the 368 A or B exit and stay on the service road. Follow service road to Hwy 222. Make right at the light the civic center is about a 100 yards forward and to the left. You cant miss it. There will be someone on the ground to direct traffic and to signal you to were to go.[/b]