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Author Topic: German Paratrooper Unit in California  (Read 4573 times)

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German Paratrooper Unit in California
« on: June 27, 2007, 01:59:28 AM »
We are a German Paratrooper Unit that portrays 15. Kompanie / Fallschirmj?ger Regiment 5, which is a Pioneer or Assault Engineer Company.
We have members in Northern, Central, and Southern California.

We are partnered with FJ units in Washington/Oregon, Kansas, Ohio and Virginia; as well as in Germany, Great Britain, Holland/Belgium, Spain, and Italy.

One of our greatest events was in June of 2007, members of FJR 5 traveled to Carentan and Saint Come du Mont, France, where we reenacted on the same grounds that FJR 6 and FJR 5 stood 63 years ago...first time German Uniforms have been worn there since 1944!

We also have "Reservists"...guys who want to go to an event that their Unit isn't attending, and come out 1-3 times a year as FJ, but don't want to leave their parent Unit.

You can find us on the Web at[/b]
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Jeff Meyers
Unit Leader
15. Komp. / Fallschirm-J?ger-Regt. 5.