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Does your unit have a website? Do you even need one? Yes, your unit DOES need a website! Competition for "recruits" can be intense and having a unit website will give you an edge by making your group appear more serious, devoted and authentic -- professional too. Furthermore, a website for a living history group is a very effective way to deliver information to their members and also, at the same time, educate the public about your group and who you are portraying.  It's cheaper than a newsletter and more effective!

One of the truly great things about a website for a reenacting unit is the ability to put your unit's assets "out front." It's also a good place to let the new recruit know what the unit is "about..." For example, if you're a "hardcore" group, you can let the potential member know this. Conversely, if you're a family-oriented or Christian group, you can also use the website to put out that message too.

Here below, we are listing the web developers that we know who specialize in reenactor websites (mainly as they are reenactors themselves!)... give them a try ;-) BTW, if YOU make websites and will do it reasonably for fellow reenactors, let us know and we'll add you here on this page.

Sturmkatze Produktions AG--Sturmkatze is a small design house located in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. We have been designing websites since 1997, and doing desktop publishing since 1991.

At Sturmkatze, we focus on the needs of small businesses, non-profit organizations and our forté, reenactor unit websites! Our specialty is helping these small groups who are discovering that they DO need a unit website, yet have absolutely no clue how to start off and, have no desire to invest a small fortune in a website. With Sturmkatze there is no need to be a computer guru, buy special software or in fact, even own a computer.

The Internet can be an extremely effective tool for the small group and a great recruiting tool for the reenactor. Let Sturmkatze make your presence on the Internet easy, inexpensive, positive, image enhancing and a great tool for your unit.

Advanced web design at a reasonable price

Sturmkatze offers a variety of web design and support services, including complete or partial site design, site re-design and site optimization. We are dedicated to providing good, honest service and complete customer satisfaction to all of our customers.

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