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reenactor.Net Admin and Staff Page

Hopefully, this area will help answer any questions you have about reenactor.Net, our policies, requirements for a link and... who WE are! [if you're just wanting to see what we all look like, click here to go to the bottom of the page and see...]

Among our policies is that to be listed, a unit needs to have a website! Is this bad of us? No, we can't be chasing all over to find units/organizations to list and especially chasing after their current contact info. Now, saying this, we also do both website development (a fancy internet geek term for buildin' websites) and hosting for unit websites. Contact Marsh about it!

Occasionally, we will list a site that isn't on the 'Net, but usually not--now saying this, our former Calendarmeister Bill Bethke, WAS posting some contact info for units w/ out websites. However, saying the last bit, real life intruded and Bill isn't doing that anymore.

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Who are we?

Main Webmasters:

Marsh Wise
Marsh Wise

Marsh, okay Marsh is a WWI and WWII reenactor who has recently been bitten by the Roman reenacting bug. As the owner (head crazy person) of reenactor.Net, he is kept busy trying to keep things going...

And yes, while he truly loves reenacting, he cannot take up another time period, although he looks keenly at many of them ;-Þ

T/A Webmasters:

[The rest of the pictures are in the works--bear with us and you will soon see the rest of us]

Ancient Periods of Reenacting
Yep, we're looking for help here again.. wanna be the Ancient Periods person?
The Middle Ages
Lil' Kender


Kender is a Middle Ages reenactor, part of a couple of units and we're not sure what we would do without her common sense ideas and also stomping on Marsh's crazy ideas.

If you click here, you can go to Kender's personal website...

We have a new Colonial person! :-)

The Frontier Period
American Civil War

Marsh Wise

Marsh Wise
Go to Marsh's Page


We are welcoming two new WWII webmasters, Harry Coombs and Rob Haught! Both serious WWII reenactors and familiar with the WWII scene.

Wilkommen Kameraden!

WWII Women's

Michelle Milunas
Michelle Milunas

Michelle is aWWII reenactor who portrays both sides of the conflict. She does a German Red Cross nurse impression as well as portraying a Soviet Nurse.

WWII Reenactor
Mailing Lists

Andy Zappone
Andy Zappone

Andy is another longtime WWII reenactor, he has been running our WWII e-mail lists for a few years now and it is, thanks to his skill, the reason they are so successful.


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