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It is the nature of the discipline of history to do research, provide source materials, and present arguments for why we believe what we do about the past. As a result, our understanding of history improves over time. This means that some of what each of us "knows" about the past is almost certainly wrong. If someone advances an idea that is contrary to your present understanding (much of the history you were taught in grade school is not right!), please consider the sources and reasoning that is presented, in an objective manner. Above all, do not make the mistake of attacking a person, rather than that person's idea. Our purpose is to improve our understanding of history, and to provide encouragement to others that share our interests. As with any mailing list, please think about your message before clicking the send button, and please treat all correspondents with respect.

Please do not copy entire messages in your response, but reduce it to only those points you wish to make. Also, it isn't necessary to reply to a post with a "me, too!" kind of message unless there is something new to add, or you really believe the support is necessary. It is also a very good idea to read all incoming mail before answering in order to reduce the number of posts that answer questions that have already been answered. Please be sure to read the FAQ for this list, especially if you are new to mailing lists in general.

The quality of the information on this list is exactly proportional to the quality of the messages written by each of its correspondents. If you wish to become one of those correspondents, please give some thought as to whether or not your messages are the kind you wish to read from others. As Robert Frost wrote, "Words carry tall, proud boots and, once uttered, cannot be recalled."

When you subscribe, it is fine to lurk (just read messages) for a while, but when the time feels right, please, post a message introducing yourself and your interests. To post a message to the list, simply address it to

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Please follow and read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for using this list. You may also print it out for reference.

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