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There are as many ways to store your herbs as there are herbs. As long as you cover the basic needs, the rest is just as creative as you would like to be. The storage of oils is much the same.

  • Whatever you keep them in, it must be air-tight.
  • They must be kept out of direct light & heat sources.
  • Storing in dark-colored containers is best.
  • Herbs & roots must be completely dry to store.
  • Labeling is a must, especially if you have many.
  • Dating is a must, as herbs & oils last about a year.
  • Keeping an up-to-date list is a life saver.

I troll the Dollar Tree Stores looking for glass bottles with corks. I have been lucky enough to find lots of them, they also have had a pack of air-tight plastic spice jars, with 3 to a pack.

You can find nice jars everywhere, and if you are only keeping a few herbs handy, then you can really splurge. I am currently using canisters, baby food jars, jam jars, & pasta sauce jars for the herbs I keep in bigger amounts.

My husband has printed up labels for me with an incredible font called "Black Adder" which is exactly what you would envision an ancient witch's scrawl on a bottle to look like.

I keep a current herb list printed out at all times, and the dates of purchase on it. You can also keep the herbs you need on hand, so if you come across a new site or store, you know what you need.

The biggest challenge is where to keep your herbs and oils. As you can see on the "Me" page, I am blessed to have a perfect cabinet, and chances are somewhere in your house, you have a cabinet just as perfect. Look around, you might be suprized. The spice rack you may already have in your kitchen is the perfect place. If your altar is a cabinet in itself, then that can be a good place. They will become empowered everytime you use your altar. Shelves in a dark room, like a closet, will work fine. Whatever you choose, be sure to purify and bless the space, so the Goddess will protect your area. If it's in ziplock bags in your bottom dresser drawer, or a floor to ceiling, hand-painted, gold leafed shrine, the important thing is how you store them, not what you store them in.

Blessed Be!

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