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Where to Buy

Decisions, decisions... where to aquire your herbs and oils?

I would rather go to a "brick & mortar" store, just because I like looking through jars of herbs, searching for the last item I need for a recipe. The drawback being that I am sure that when I pull those dusty jars out, I know they have been there for at least a year or more, making the herbs all but useless.

Which leads me to mail order, opening another issue of who to trust. Sure, 24-7 is a perfect way to shop, but it only takes one bad experience of losing a lot of money to make one wary.

So why don't I grow my own? Do I have space? Yes, I do now and my husband has been bugging me to grow some. Perhaps I shall now. After living at other people's places for so long, now I have room.

Luckily, I have found a few places that are trustworthy and downright lovely to deal with. I am trying more out all of the time, and if you have a favorite place please let me know.


FaDraSha banner

  • FaDraSha: Ordering from them is a dream, they have just about anything you need (and if they don't, they will get it for you). I have placed an order at 8pm and had my items 2 days later, with a free gift! On-line shopping doesn't get better than this! [SADLY, FaDraSha seems tohave went out of business :-( although they still have a forum up and it's located here.]

Local Health Stores

  • Sunrise Natural Foods: The nicest staff I have ever met in a store, and they remember you from 1 visit. They have 2 stores:
    • In Auburn, CA, 2160 Grass Valley Hwy. Ca. 530.888.8973
    • In Roseville, CA, 1950 Douglas Blvd. Ca. 916.789.8591

Blessed Be!

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