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Here's where you start in your quest in listing your unit on reenactor.Net. We live for links to our fellow reenactors and living historians... it's our reason for existence. Please read through all this and consider having a link back to us after you submit your link.

**A note here: Your link needs to be about reenacting, history or something germane to this. We are not going to link to porn, gambling sites, get-rich-quick sites or other BS. If you're a business -- as in reenacting or living history business, we charge for those links, as it's how we pay our bills. For businesses, check out our ads page on how to set that up and for pricing.

What to do

This is a good place to let the new recruit (or visitor) know just what your group is "about." For example: If you're a "hardcore" group, you can let the potential member know this. Do you sleep in tents or campaign-style? Authentic rations or something a bit more palatable? Let 'em know. Conversely, if you're a family-oriented or Christian group (and say not into partying or alcohol is verboten with your group...), you can also let potential new members know about this aspect of your group too. It is always wise to give information about your unit and its goals. Perhaps something about events you do or hold would also be good.

If you do link to us on your reenacting website, we have a couple of things to do:

  1. Please click _HERE_ to fill out our info-form that adds your link. You must, by the way, be a member of reenactor.Net (it's free, so calm down) and be logged in to do this. No big deal, just do it and all will be fine. Breathe Citizen, breathe!
  2. Make SURE you fill out the form like we ask. Please don't ignore what we ask (or think you "know better") -- it will only delay your link being added.
  3. Please add our link code to your site. Although it would be neat if you want to put it on your main page, we are not going to get mad if you put us in your "Links" page (unlike some dealers who insist that you put them first.) Anyway, just add the following code to your HTML (we say code because we change the banner every once in a while and that way you don't have to fool with it!). If you have problems with this, please contact us! The code is located below. Choose one of the styles, for now: A, B or C.

Banner code A:

Banner code B:

Banner code C:

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