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Author Topic: Mark McCarter Memorial Rendezvous  (Read 10317 times)

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Mark McCarter Memorial Rendezvous
« on: May 31, 2008, 01:20:57 PM »
Hello , Again we visited the Mark McCarter Memorial Rendezvous Last weekend . I would like to thank everyone that took the time to talk to us...(We were the group of flatlanders standing in the middle of your camp like a bunch of dorks)Till our Bri took off after the cuttest little boy about her age (she's 2 ) and he had toys , She's not shy like the rest of us..... We watched a archery shoot . Our 13 year old son Eli loves archery and was bummed he didn't bring his bow (he had broke his last arrows the week before) but he plans on bring it next time....We watch as everyone came back from the woodswalk which sounds cool ....I recently re-aquired my moms old CVA muzzleloader and both my husband Tim and I plan on learning how to shoot . Eli and I enjoy throwing the hawk . We were going to try and go back over the weekend but Tim got called in to work . We realy look forward to going back to Wolf Creek soon .  I have to say I'm realy bad at names so I appologize . I do remember Dee Lueckert's name because she wrote it at the bottom of the Wolf Creek Shoot Dates paper she gave us . Thanks Again To Everyone at Wolf Creek , Hope to see Everyone Again Soon ! ;D  Bonnie
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