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1870-1900 / Re: SteamPunk and what it might mean to reenactors
« Last post by Karl Helweg on August 03, 2020, 06:01:21 PM »  A little on the SteamPunk/SASS crossovers.

Although most SteamPunk groups are on FaceBook these days there are some dedicated forums full of cached information like:

1870-1900 / SteamPunk and what it might mean to reenactors
« Last post by Karl Helweg on July 30, 2020, 03:33:51 PM »
SteamPunk is a relatively recent name for an older idea of retrofuturism or science fiction through a Victorian's eyes.

One of the fun features of SteamPunk is that if you locked a dozen self described SteamPunks in a room and asked them to define what SteamPunk is you would receive approximately 64.1415 answers which would change five minutes later depending on how many decided to stay and continue the debate after they pick they pick the lock.

SteamPunk covers a very wide spectrum post apocalyptic wastelanders through some fairly hardcore Victorian era living history reenactors.  They might be wearing amusing thrift store finds or carrying beautiful antique jewelry, pocket watches, and weapons.

This fandom movement has no real organization or leadership even though a few folks have tried desperately to establish themselves as elite expert by authorship.  This vacuum may actually be attracting participants since it frees them to express themselves.  There are local groups, sometimes called "airships", that come together to help each other do more. 

As for what all is SteamPunk the list is long and includes things like: airships, octopi, corsets, pocket watches, time machines, games, goggles, vests, pirates, NERF guns, top hats, canes, wrenches, tesla coils, absinthe, cargo pants, etc.......  Like the old saying goes: "I can't tell you what all is SteamPunk but I know it when I see it."  SP has developed its own music, games, comics, and novels among other things.

So why would a reenactor want to go to a SP gathering?  Fun.  Escapism.  Not being "on stage" every minute like at a formal living history event but still being able to make use of your historical knowledge and collected gear.  There is not much of a place for authenticity police but organizers will have plenty to do.  Recruiting.

Middle Ages / Re: Medieval Pyrates
« Last post by Karl Helweg on July 29, 2020, 05:20:20 PM »

Pier Gerlofs Donia aka Grutte Pier

On 29 January 1515, the Black Band Landsknechts entered Grutte Pier's village. The arrival of these German mercenaries made people tremble with fear. During the 16th century the Black Band Landsknechts were one of the most feared soldiers on Europe’s battlefields.

In Grutte Pier’s village, the Black Band Landsknechts burned the church and Donia's estate. They murdered and plundered. Rintze Syrtsema, wife of Grutte Pier, was raped and killed.

Seeking revenge, Grutte Pier allied himself with Charles of Egmond, Duke of Gueldersand started a guerrilla war campaign against the House of Habsburg, also called the House of Austria. Grutte Pier blamed the Habsburg authorities for the events because they had employed the murderous regiment.

Grutte Pier targeted ships that travelled the Zuiderzee and was very active in 1517, when he used his "signal ships" to attack ships in the region of the West Frisian coast, to which he also transported Geldrian forces, setting them ashore at Medemblik. Pier bore a personal enmity to Medemblik and its inhabitants as, in earlier years, soldiers from Medemblik had cooperated with the Holland army commanded by Duke Charles, the future Emperor. In March 1498, Medemblik was where representatives of the Schieringers met the Saxon ruler duke Albrecht to request Saxon protection from the Vetkopers—a request that resulted in the Saxon occupation of Friesland, Netherlands. On 24 June 1517, Grutte Pier and his Arumer Zwarte Hoop, consisting of some 4,000 soldiers from Frisia and Guelders, sailed to West Frisia, passing Enkhuizen, landing near Wervershoof and advancing to Medemblik. They swiftly captured Medemblik, killing many inhabitants and taking many others prisoner. Some were released on payment of a high ransom. Some of the town's inhabitants fled and found safety at Kasteel Radboud. The castle's governor, Joost van Buren, succeeded in keeping the aggressors outside the castle walls. Unable to take the castle, the Arumer Zwarte Hoop plundered the town and set it on fire. With most houses made of wood, the town, including the church, monastery and town hall, was razed. After this partial victory, Pier and his army stormed both Nieuwburg and Middleburg Castle near Alkmaar, plundered and set them on fire, leaving only ruins.

In 1519, Grutte Pier retired and his Lieutenant Wijerd Jelckama took command over the the Arumer Zwarte Hoop. The peasant rebels fought for some years until they were finally captured and executed in 1523.

Grutte Pier died peacefully on 18 October 1520. Though he no sons, he has many descendants through his daughter, Wobel. His tomb is located in the city of Sneek.

New Here? / Re: sword fighting
« Last post by Karl Helweg on July 16, 2020, 01:28:34 PM »
Just a heads up that the SCA BoD has approved steel swords for combat: 

Middle Ages / Re: Medieval Pirates
« Last post by Karl Helweg on July 10, 2020, 05:50:47 PM »
Barnim VI, Duke of Pomerania

Pirates may be seen as brigands and ruffians, but the concept of an aristocratic German pirate might be new to many people. Among the interesting individuals amongst the different categories of German pirates to patrol and plunder the waters of Northern Europe, the Duke of Pomerania-Wolgast, Barnim VI was a scheming marauder of aristocratic origin who held his title from 1394-1405. Efficient and organized, his piratic exploits even saw him establish a port and also a fort in Ahrenshoop, from which he conducted sea raids. After being singled out for supporting and facilitating “Likedeeler” raids in the Baltic Sea against the Hanseatic league trade and defense vessels, providing the ruffians with refuge areas in the form of the Peene River for winter and the Bay of Griefswald as an operations base, the Duke signed a treaty with the Teutonic Knights under their pressure to cease his attacks.

Out of the spotlight but not content to give up the pirate business, the Duke subsequently went on to engage in numerous acts of piracy on his own time. Ultimately, the Duke’s game caught up with him when he was captured by the Hanseatic League in the port of Kopenhagen. After his release, Barnim VI helped the dukes of Mecklenburg-Werle in their sieges of the German City of Lübeck, where he was eventually injured. On a pilgrimage to Kenz to dodge the risk of Black Death, the Duke, ironically, contracted the Black Death during the journey and died. He was then buried in Kenz and a likeness of the pirate of noble heritage constructed from wood was erected.,_Duke_of_Pomerania

Middle Ages / Re: c. 1400 Tournament Company of Saint Boniface
« Last post by Karl Helweg on July 09, 2020, 05:42:13 PM »

This is the statue that I have based much of my c. 1400 armour on.,_Duke_of_Orl%C3%A9ans

  The back of a bronze miniature to confirm the shield design. 
Royal Caribbean has cancelled all cruises through April 2021.  We are planning for a cruise between February and April 2022 now. 

Royal Caribbean made a generous offer of 125% credit on our cancelled cruises.  By dumb luck we had splurged on a suite which turned into a "winning lottery ticket" of sorts.  Since the credit expired 12/31/2021 and it is significantly more than the cruise that our regulars have chosen (and we have to fly from Alaska) we are staying on the ship for a back-to-back cruise to Mexico and Honduras.

Sunday, March 14    Fort Lauderdale, FL       4:30pm
Monday, March 15    At Sea       
Tuesday, March 16    Cozumel, Mexico    7:00am    6:00pm
Wednesday, March 17    Roatan, Honduras    8:00am    5:00pm
Thursday, March 18    Costa Maya, Mexico    7:00am    5:00pm
Friday, March 19    At Sea       
Saturday, March 20    CocoCay, Bahamas    9:00am    6:00pm
Sunday, March 21    Fort Lauderdale, FL    6:15am    

An invitation for folks who cannot make the prior week's cruise:

Date    Port    Arrive    Depart
Sunday, March 7    Fort Lauderdale, FL       4:30pm
Monday, March 8    At Sea       
Tuesday, March 9    At Sea       
Wednesday, March 10    St. Kitts    8:00am    5:00pm
Thursday, March 11    St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands    7:00am    4:00pm
Friday, March 12    At Sea       
Saturday, March 13    CocoCay, Bahamas    10:00am    7:00pm
Sunday, March 14    Fort Lauderdale, FL    6:15am   

Basically the thought for 2021 is that Oasis of the Seas is one of the maybe four largest cruise ships in the world and as a group that has cruised together we have come to enjoy the amenities available on these city-like cruise ships a little more than the smaller ships.

1600-1800 / Re: Getting started reenacting classes: frizzen treating
« Last post by Karl Helweg on June 15, 2020, 03:36:26 PM »
Since I have at least one fire-lock that needs the frizzen face treated this seems like a good subject.  (BTW it is an Indian made blunderbuss that does not spark well - again.)

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