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1st SS Aufklarung
« on: January 11, 2009, 10:25:50 am »
The 1st SS Aufklarung is looking to recruit members in the VA, NC, MD, and PA area.
The 1st SS LAH is a group of non-political enthusiasts of history. We portray combat soldiers of the 1st Waffen-SS LAH (Aufklarung or reconnaissance unit) at public displays and at private re-enactments. We are located in the Mid-Atlantic/Virginia area. We do reconnaissance and some pioneer work at battles.

We represent a small Aufklarung Gruppe within the large division and join forces with the 2nd SS "Das Reich", 1st SS Pionier, and 1st Panzer Gren. to form the battlegroup "Sonnenwende." Together we create a realistic Kampfgrupp with similar interests in the hobby of re-enacting.