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Hello from Canada
« on: July 06, 2007, 12:52:24 AM »
Hello friends! I found your website and forums while browsing another WW1 website while searching up information on the German Army in the First World War. I had a great grandfather and great uncle who was in the Army and Navy respectively.

I have been in contact with a reenactment group in my area, Soldiers of the Kaiser 1900-1918. I am not sure if they operate on the same level that you do, but looking at your photos, I want to get involved with you guys ASAP! Unfourently, I am in Ontario, and it seems most of this happens in Pennsalvania ? Well if you guys are ever in Ontario or something like that, I would be honoured if I could participate and relive my great grandfather's experience.

PS I can also post more information on my great grandfather and great uncle for those who are interested in more.
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Nick Schmitz, great grandson of Robert Blodau.