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  • Family Days Rendezvous (TX): October 25, 2007 - December 31, 1969

Author Topic: 35th ANNUAL Christian Family Days Rendezvous (Texas) this October  (Read 6967 times)

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 35th ANNUAL Christian Family Days Rendezvous over 300 in attendence
 8) Last week in October 8)
is open to one and all families that want to be apart of a great time of fellowship. It will be hosted by the Frontier Camping Fellowship Club (FCF)
We realize that due to alot of Families with children. They will have a special shooting range in instruction for 1st timers in blackpowder shooting. The on-sight gun range will be hosted by certified NRA BLACKPOWDER Instructors.

Christian gospel singing services at night
all camper feast Friday night
Hawk/knife throw competition for youth, men, and women
rifle shoot
best food contest
pioneer classes
ladies tea time/ladies games/ fashion show, and lots and lots of fun and games for the kiddos too.

This is a true "FAMILY CAMP" and of course being one of the PREMIER CHRISTIAN RONDEZVOUS, there will be some more stricter rules of such than your normal rondezvous. So if you want to become apart of a wholesome family doings, then this may be the place for you folks that are scared or don't like loud rondys.
Held in the LAST week of OCTOBER 25th-28th Thursday through Sunday and at FORT PARKER in Grosbeck TX. An 1836 traditional Wooden Fort. Also modern camping is availible to those that don't got a CANVAS TENT yet. But your site will be less than 100 yards from the main camping. Also cabins and RV areas for those that want to come, but can't stay under canvas at night can call Ft Parker @
Old Fort Parker
866 Park Road 35
Groesbeck, TX 76642
Ph: (254) 729-5253
Fx: (254) 729-5253

 CONTACT the FCF president "WILDWIND" or FCF SCRIBE Mark Woods for information or VP Art (Flintlock)Sullivan or call me at 254 396 7815 as for Bullmoose
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Re: 35th ANNUAL Christian Family Days Rendezvous (Texas) this October
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2007, 10:42:56 PM »
     ;D  Hello Bullmoose,
How did your event go??
It sounded like it would be great fun...I would love to hear hight lights and see pics if you have any...
                                                                                                     blnzrfn     ;D
PS: If anyone else attended this event PLEASE feel free to tell us about it and everyone loves pics :laugh:
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