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You might be wondering, "Why is this idiot bothering me about the NRA? All they do is help criminals get guns... right?" Not really (smack yourself for listening to idiots with an agenda, like Hillary "GD" Clinton, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and Teddy Kennedy), actually the NRA does quite a lot of good--especially for the reenactor! If you have a gun, and most reenactors do, then the NRA has already helped you.

Why it's Your Right

Just because you might reenact some primitive period does not mean that you can relax--NO, these scumbags want to take your musket too. To anti-gun people, we are ALL crazies, it doesn't matter whether we're reenacting Roman or Vietnam, to them it's not normal. Be all that as it may, the United States Constitution gives us the RIGHT to keep and bear arms. It does not differentiate between the arms, it just says arms. Why? Because our Founding Fathers here in the U.S. knew that a man with a gun is a CITIZEN, whilst a man without a gun is a SUBJECT!

The Need to be Ever Vigilant

Even if you only carry a sword as a soldier of Rome, you should worry about this trend. How long until some Government functionary declares it dangerous and banned? In fact, recently that idiot Hero of the American Political Scene," Congressman Dick Gephardt announced his desire to place ALL firearms under the provisions of the 1968 Gun Control Act and require all firearms to be marked with an identification number etc...that includes antiques and replicas of antiques. Just what we need. Instead of controlling criminals, these politicians feel they need to control US, the honest citizens. And to go further, the United Nations wants to control our ownership of firearms. Nice huh?

NRA must constantly fight to keep your liberties free. It is unfortunate, but true, that members of our government wish to constantly restrict our freedoms. Now, if you listen to those SUBJECTS who live in Great Britain, you will hear a lot of garbage from them about how their streets are safe--well, not quite. Crime in Great Britain is still there and in fact, the police have had to start carrying (horrors) guns. Guess their gun control doesn't work so well, does it.

What am I saying with all this? Just that the NRA helps ALL of us to not only keep our firearms, but to continue our freedom AND hobbies! Visit the NRA today.

Here is an e-mail list I started to maybe help us reenactors deal with some of the problems -- feel free to join it -- don't cause trouble and be polite!

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