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Author Topic: Uniformed Docents/Volunteer Guides  (Read 34138 times)

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Uniformed Docents/Volunteer Guides
« on: June 03, 2019, 10:45:48 AM »
Hi!  I'm an old Federal reenactor in Northern Virginia.  I have been asked by the Hartwood Church in Hartwood VA to help with a historic program they are hosting in October.  I'm looking for a few reenactor that would support a one day, individual event to help some real nice folks.

Hartwood Church is northwest of Fredericksburg.  Hooker's grand division concentrated there in November 1862.  Two some cavalry skirmishes were fought there during the Fredericksburg campaign.  It was also used by Federals during Burnside's Mud March.

Drop me a line if you might be interested!

Al Schuler  540.840.1194