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Author Topic: 3-D Photo Could Be Lincoln at Gettysburg  (Read 11935 times)

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3-D Photo Could Be Lincoln at Gettysburg
« on: November 23, 2007, 10:34:56 AM »

For years, it was thought that there was only one known image of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg. But now that may not be the case.

A rare 3-D image of what is believed to be the 16th president, astride a horse wearing his signature stovepipe hat with a white gloved hand raised in salute was presented Saturday on a large screen at the annual Lincoln Forum Conference in Gettysburg.

The photograph is one of two images thought to have been taken just before Lincoln made his historic address on Nov. 19, 1863, four months after the bloody battle.

Last December, historian John Richter found the photo while sifting through the Library of Congress' digital archives. The photos, made available to the public online, were among more than 5,000 Civil War images.

Richter, a director for the Center for Civil War Photography, enhanced the image with the help of a powerful computer program that allowed him to pick out the figure deep in the crowd. After closer inspection, he believed he found a new photo of Lincoln.

Some experts agreed it could be Lincoln, but cautioned it may never be known for sure because the image does not offer a clear view of the man's face.

The picture:

May or may not be him, but interesting never the less.