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The Rulez
« on: January 18, 2007, 01:48:39 AM »
Rules for reenactor.Net's Online History Forums

The Internet is a great place to find information, to meet new friends and share ideas. However, and this is SO important: other people cannot see your emotions, so you need to think before you post. Other viewers don't know when you're joking... Use the emoticons (those little smiley faces to the left of the posting window) we have on the list to show when you're joking, or serious, etc.

Think of it this way: the Internet (and this board) is like Kindergarden... everything you need to know in life, you learned while you were in Kindergarden... play nice, don't hit, drink your milk, take a nap, if you hurt someone, say you're sorry, ask permission. Mainly just polite rules of society that seem to have been lost today.

So... RULES:
It would be great if we could all live in a world of sweetness and light, but we are all human and we all have a bad day once in a while and might even be nasty sometimes.  Let's not be nasty here!

What's not allowed:

1. No illegal topics (porn, how-to's on terrorism, hacking/phreaking, etc.).  No modern politics, religion (discussion of period religon and religious things are okay, but NO proselytizing or attacking another religion). Getting all worked up and arguing about current-events and politics is not allowed either -- we are here to discuss reenacting and living history.

2. No outright hostility or abusive conduct -- this means flaming, spamming, zinging or flooding.  Excess of malice -- just being a rude jerk or plain mean -- IS abuse. (remember, play nice from above...) Discrimination on basis of nationality, ethnicity, sex, race, religion, which way you swing, etc. is also being abusive (and stupid besides). Do not characterize other members with negative labels.

3. No foul language: Don't say stuff that you wouldn't say in front of your grandmother (by this, we mean things she would have ripped your earlobe off for saying back when you were younger). Mild expletives like "crap," "damn" and "hell" are okay, as long as they are not used in cursing AT someone. If in doubt, use d--n or h**l -- it gets the point across yet isn't offensive. (be polite -- don't make us add a "swear filter").

What is encouraged:

1.  Treating others as you would want to be treated. Be polite and courteous, and you'll be treated that way. Healthy disagreement over ideas or facts is definitely OKAY.  But direct your arguments at another person's logic -- not at the person.  Be mature!
2.  Supporting newcomers and helping them to become a member of the community.  Build the board one person at a time.  Welcome newbies' innocent questions. Take the time to explain things to them -- we were all new once!
3.  Posting often.  Have something meaningful and pertinent to say in the topical forums.  In "Off-Topic" area, be as frivolous as you like -- it's all for fun there (still no attacks though).
4. Your NAME. Please put your REAL name in the signature box of your profile so that we can tell who you are!! Otherwise all anyone can see is a screen name -- not very conducive to community building or letting old friends find you.

If you have any questions, ask a Moderator.  Thanks and enjoy making this board a fun, easy-going kind of place where everybody's welcome.

Ominous Stuff for those Who Can't Play Nice...

For those who can't be nice, we sometimes have to be stern. And whilst we might like to use a more historical punishment (say like Roman trick of caning bad people's feet), we can't do that online, so...

(1)  Members who make minor one-time violations may receive a warning on the thread in question, or via their Personal Messages system or email, and the offending post(s) may be edited or deleted by a Moderator or Admin without notice.  Threads found to be disruptive or unsuitable for reenactor.Net's Forums may, or in fact and most likely WILL be deleted or closed, without notice.

(2)  Repeat minor offenders may have their accounts reclassified as "Restricted Members," meaning that they may post only ONCE per-day and can only access a limited number of daily page views on these Forums. Restriction can last until the member has shown that they can play nice with others.

(3) True incorrigibles (e.g. unwilling to follow Admin instructions or heed Moderator warnings) and major offenders (libel, threats, sabotage) can be banned without notice. Depending on the member's history of wasted second chances, the ban may be temporary or permanent.

(4) Sanctioned members who attempt to evade these corrective measures by creating new aliases or accounts in order to post freely will have those new accounts banned, and their original account may suffer further restriction. And in these case, we might have to send out our Roman Punishment Team, complete and ready cane the feet of these incorrigibles. ;-0
PLEASE, don't force us to be mean!

**These Rules for Posting are subject to the interpretation of the site owner and may be changed without notice.
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