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Author Topic: New: Book & Articles Review (Share what everyones reading)  (Read 12359 times)

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New: Book & Articles Review (Share what everyones reading)
« on: April 14, 2008, 12:21:04 PM »
I'm starting a new book :"HOLY MADNESS:Romantics,Patriots and Revolutionaries,1776-1871" By Adam Zamoyski
And I Quote "From the first shots of the American Revolution in 1776 to the last agony of the Paris Commune in 1871,Adam Zamoyski elegantly recreates an era when determined men and woman were willing to die for the cause of an Idealized nation and thus transformed the society of Europe and its colonies.Moving fluidly through the tumultuous years that witnessed the American and French revolutions,and the Irish Rebellion,the Polish uprisings,the liberation of South America,and the Italian Risorgimento,"Holly Madness" captures the passion of revolutionary figures who were caught up in the fervor of the nationalist crusade---And exposes the dangerous fallacies of their idealism..." end quoit
Wish Me Luck and check back for my review.....Please share your Reading with everyone!!!!
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Re: New: Book & Articles Review (Share what everyones reading)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2008, 01:22:01 PM »
Great idea!! I have been planning on starting a book review area -- most reenactors like to read it seems  ;D Just so you know, there's a neat amazon button in the tool bar that comes up when posting, it's this one: and if you click it, it will add a tiny bit of code and all you do is place the ISBN number for the book or whatever inside the brackets and you get this:
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My book is released and for sale now.
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2009, 05:54:24 AM »
My publisher finally released my book. It's called 'Skeletons'.
This is about seven German soldiers on the Ostfront and follows them from Russian to S. France in an actual unit, the 198th I.D.
I even cover a cook whos name in the book is Helmet. It also has two Waffen SS fellows for you hard corps guys but is mainly about common odinary German grunts. Most events are actual events, just not all from one spot if you know what I mean. I also took my experiences and those of others from Viet Nam and put it to WW2. When you read about Helmut saving the 2 SS guys, it's from an actual event from Viet Nam where my Buddy (Don) won the silver Star (down graded from the Medal of Honor only because he struck a LT. with a .45 because he refused to let him save his buddies in the mine field under fire).
Also....a barracks attack that a friend of mine told me about from da'Nam. I moved it to WW2.
Again, most of what is there is real, some WW2 and some Viet Nam but all very intresting. It's called Skeletons because NO ONE is who you think they are.
I've been told by some that the trench fighting is the most grusome they have ever read and other parts you NEVER see or read anywhere about WW2.
ISBN# 1-60474-827-3
Otto J