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Author Topic: ?A Brief History of the 95th Regiment (Rifles)? and ?Recreating the 95th Rifles  (Read 5577 times)

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News Flash -

We are pleased to bring you another fascinating excerpt from 'At the Sharpe End' a compilation of notes and photographs within the on-going reminiscences of Rifleman Moore 1992-2008.

Rifleman Moore, Military Advisor and Armourer for every Sharpe episode to date takes you on a journey of what life was like for a soldier in Wellington?s army in ?Recreating the 95th Rifles?.  The new feature includes ?A Brief History of the 95th Regiment (Rifles)? and ?Recreating the 95th Rifles Today?.   See exclusive photos and artwork from Richard Moore?s collection.  This feature was written and compiled by Richard Moore exclusively for Sharpe Pointe.

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