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Author Topic: New international society for the preservation of European cultural heritage  (Read 5579 times)

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If you are interested in the preservation of European cultural heritage and would like to be part of a new worldwide movement to establish chivalric values then please take a moment to visit our website
 The society, based in Switzerland, has branches in the UK and Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, the Baltic States, Australia, Mexico and Chile. Membership of the society entitles individuals to discounts with a number of medieval product traders, growing daily, reduced fees at national and international events and the opportunity to purchase shares in the societies asset base. This year we are planning to acquire our first 13th Century castle ruin in France. This will be opened as an educational visitor centre and living history museum. We will hold regular festivals and tournaments to raise awareness and educate the public. More about this can be found on the website and forum.
 We are currently canvassing prospective candidates to act as officers of the society in the USA. If you have the time and the resources to promote the society amongst reenactor groups countrywide we would like to hear from you.