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Need help
« on: February 08, 2007, 10:32:15 AM »
I'm a first time Christian filmmaker, though I have plenty of experience in film and video under other production companies.

I have a story for young people that's set against the backdrop of a F&I War reenactment.  In order to make it work, I need some footage--Digital 8, mini DV, DV cam or DVC pro format, of some battle scenes with Native reenactors and British/French forces in action.

I plan to use the shots as backgrounds with my characters green-screened into the foreground of the scenes.

I'm not looking for professional videography, although shots done from a tripod would be best.  And, since this is a very, very low budget indy project, I really can't pay much.  I can give screen credit to whoever provides the images.

Alternately, if anyone is planning to go to a reenactment and is willing to set up a camera on a tripod and just let it run on a fairly wide shot of the action, I'd appreciate that, too.  I hope that, as a by-product, the reenactment content of the story will fire the imagination of some young folks and get them started in the activity.

Please know that my aim in all this is not to make a ton of money off someone else.  Christian film and TV is not a lucrative enterprise, in the first place.  My purpose is to help young folks spiritually, and if I make a few bucks in the process, it will only serve to keep on pursuing the calling I have from the Lord.

Thanks in advance for any and all help you may be able to provide for this endeavor.

Yours in His service,

Fred P.