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Author Topic: 2011 Basic Reconnaissance School - Marine Reenactors  (Read 9020 times)

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2011 Basic Reconnaissance School - Marine Reenactors
« on: September 13, 2010, 06:26:39 PM »
Attention on Deck! At ease.

Basic Reconnaissance School Training Platoon 0312 is now forming. If you want your immersion rough, if you want it tough, if you want it all day- all night, all the time, for 4-days, then sign up now for the MCHA Basic Recon School.

Sign up here:

When: June 10-13 2011 (4-days)
Where: Rice, Washington - Airport: Spokane International
Cost per Candidate: $150
Shipping: Allowed. The MCHA has the ability to accept freight, so box up your team's gear and forward it our way. We have a forklift and will stage your gear at Camp.

Here is testimony of previous courses.
2010 School:
2009 School:

Just an FYI - we accept those with medical provisions. MedProv Candidates are given extra rest time. Nobody wants to get anyone injured. While it might be rough, the school is designed to be an educational experience - as well as an adventure.

Pinned OPFOR and reaction force Grunts are welcome at a 50% discounted rate. Grunts will be expected to stay in impression. ie: no bags of Cheetos, talking about WoW- etc.

Cadre are more than welcome. If you know of any current/former Marines who are interested in teaching living history, please forward them to me at Other Services Cadre are also welcome IF they've worked with Marines in a training environment. All prior-service Cadre must submit confidential proof of service, ie: dd214, current id card, etc.