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Author Topic: Marine Reenacitng Recruiting  (Read 8557 times)

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Marine Reenacitng Recruiting
« on: September 13, 2010, 07:07:06 PM »
The Marine Corps Historical Association, MCHA, is currently recruiting new members for the eras of WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

The MCHA, a nonprofit organization, is founded to promote the history of the United States Marine Corps, the importance of national pride, service to others, and the maintenance of a drug and gang-free lifestyle to youth through a rewarding program which is both physically and mentally challenging.

Both active duty and former Marines offer training to Living Historians, Cadets, and interested persons, through MCHA Schools at Camp Basilone.

Members are eligible for MCHA awards including: Pilot and Jump wings, SCUBA, historical research, tactical ribbons and immersion course awards. Members also enjoy an ID card, and our own service uniform.

You don't have to belong to a team to join! The MCHA will help you build your local team from the ground up.

Blank fire as well as airsoft reenactors welcome. Please post questions here so everyone can learn more.
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