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Author Topic: VA - Walk through Time - all era's, all representations  (Read 6960 times)

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    • Hartwood Days Festival - "A Walk Through Time" Living History Area
VA - Walk through Time - all era's, all representations
« on: July 20, 2012, 08:09:47 AM »
Sir, Ma?am,

     We hope you will consider participating this year for our 4th year holding the ?Walk Through Time?.  This event is held during the Stafford County Hartwood Days Festival in Fredericksburg Virginia (Actually Stafford County 22406) which is to be held on the 8th of September, 2012.  This event is a free event, open to the public, run by an organization called a Venturing Crew.  We will also have a Scout Badge Day event, so there will be many Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers on site.  We will again be hosting the Living History Area for the ?Walk through Time?.  And are looking for ALL REPRESENTATIONS, ALL ERA's!![/size][/b]    

     Last year was the third time we?ve held the ?Walk through Time?, and it was a big hit with the Scouts, the general publis, and several of the attendees of the event loved that area.  We hope to again provide this ability to ?Walk Through Time? for those attending the event.  I understand that we contacted several of you too late in the season for your attendance, and for those who couldn?t make it last year, we hope you will consider participation this year.

     The concept was that Ms Stewart Jones?s historic nature conservancy property, across the street from the Historic Hartwood Presbyterian Church, would be available to Living Historians to set up period camps/areas covering from the Roman, Medieval, Colonial/Revolutionary time through French & Indian War, 1812, Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korea, and even Vietnam if there are any folks doing that era.  Basically ANY periods we can get are appreciated (Please forgive us if we forgot to list your historical area, we still want you!!).  Your unit would all be Exhibitors, and of course would not pay for your participation. 

     A little more detail on the look of the LHA follows my signature block below.  We?re working on putting up a ?living history? page on the site, and we?ll put one of your pictures with a link to your site there.  If you have any particular pictures that you want us to put up of your group, let me know and shoot them to me, or I can just grab whichever one you tell me to off of your site if you want.

     Both last year and our first year, found several units/groups willing to help out, but we had several war era's that were....a little one sided.  We took the most heat for having German forces on site, with no Allied Forces...but hey they are a part of History, and our goa is to provide the ability for living historians to accurately represent people, equipment, and lifestyles of their particular era's.  As Scouters, and for the Scouts, we believe that its important to show it as it was, and educate.  We're willing to do the same this year, but it WOULD be nice to have both sides.

     Our website is still the same ? (still updating it for this year) and Sponsorship opportunities are opening now.  Please don?t hesitate to contact our LHA Director at  or any of the numbers below, and I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in helping us educate with our "Walk Through Time". 

Willis M. Madden Jr.
Chair, Hartwood Days Festival Committee
Advisor, Crew 1717
     You can see the Living History Area (LHA) on a map we have on our website at 
or at,-77.565204&spn=0.004036,0.006866&z=17&source=embed
The area in Red is the area we?re allocating for living historians (LH), however since we may have a MEDEVAC helicopter is coming in, we may need some of the area to the west (by the fire department) to land it.  Not sure how long they?ll be on station.  That field to the east is also where any reenactments or skirmishes could take place (if so desired).  Just north (across the road) is the Hartwood Presbyterian Church, a Historic Landmark, on the Civil War Trail in VA, and site of a Union Occupation.  We were looking at most of the camps to be set up west of the woodline near the house, to the west of the house.  That main house was Stewart Jones? house, and I?m not sure of the era of construction, but it is vacant now.  I?m not sure, but I think work is in progress to make it a historic landmark.
     The segment cut out to the east of the main house, is a personal residence, and east of the personal residence is the Agricultural area of the Festival. So that?s the lay of the land.
If you are interested in finding out about Hartwood Church?s part of the Civil War, there are several resources on the web:
MAJ Willis M. Madden Jr.
Chair, Hartwood Days Festival
"A Walk through Time"
Cavalryman of the 4th Squadron, 9th Cavalry (AIRCAV)